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Morning Update: Bogus

Obama Regime officials now admit that well over two million people who signed up for Obamacare have inconsistent data in their applications. They could be unqualified for coverage. So, by the Regime’s own admission, about a quarter of all those supposedly registered have flaws in their applications. Name any private-sector company that would tolerate that.

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Obama Caps Student Loan Debt by Executive Order ... A Few Quick Thoughts on  iOS 8... Female-Named Hurricanes Kill More?

I Leave and Things Blow Up

RUSH: Folks, I know that while you may have been keeping up with all the news and you may think you know everything that happened, you still are waiting for what I think about it. And I'm trying to satisfy what I know is a burning desire that all of you have for that. I'm trying to cram it all in here because I know that each of you probably has different interests. Like I've been saying, it may take all three hours today to get to your favorite story and my take on it.

VA Mess is Result of the Left's Hatred for the Military Culture

RUSH:  Let's face it. The American left has looked at the American military as a problem. The American military has been the focus of evil. If you're part of the blame-America-first crowd, if this country's guilty, if this country has become what it has become because it has stolen everything -- and, believe me, that is precisely what is taught. What is taught to young kids in this country today is that this nation's wealth is the result of theft from other nations and other peoples of the world.

CBO Gives Up on Calculating What Obamacare Will Cost

RUSH: Like Babe Ruth said, "It isn't bragging if you can do it." I knew exactly what I was saying when I said, "I hope he fails." I knew this kind of stuff was gonna happen. I knew that there was going to be this kind of assault on this country. I knew there was gonna be an effort to expand the size and the role and scope of government in everybody's life, and I knew what that means also. That means less and less liberty and freedom for individuals.

Republicans Won't Impeach Obama -- and Democrats Will Not Abandon Him

RUSH: Andy McCarthy, a good friend of mine, has a book out called Faithless Execution. It's about the impeachment of Obama... It's clear that the legal threshold has been met, but there is no political will to do it. And without that, it's a waste of time, if you don't have the political will. Meaning, if the Republican Party doesn't have the gonads, and if the American people are not desirous of it, then it's just whistling into the wind. It's something irrelevant.

The Answer to What's Wrong in This Country is Conservatism

RUSH: Was Bush's presidency a failed presidency or did the media succeed in defining it as such helped by Bush not fighting back, not returning fire, not correcting any of the things that were being said about him?  I mean, it's a moot point now, but in trying to assess public opinion about it, I think it's relevant... You define success by being successful, implementing policies that work and that really benefited people because they help themselves. The reason Reagan was able to overcome the media is because his policies revived a country which was in as bad a shape in the latter seventies as it is now, which is precisely what we need again. We don't need PR tactics to try to convince the media we're not mean or bad.

Walker, Christie and Hillary

RUSH: So what does Hillary run on? She can't run on, "I'm not Obama." She can't run on "I'm gonna fix it," because that's acknowledging that she's part of what broke it. So she's gotta run on history, first female, my turn, and it's bring Bill Clinton back to Washington. They think that will be a winner. And you combine that with whatever they're gonna say about whoever the Republican nominee is, and if it's Christie, sets 'em up even better. So how do we counter that? Substance, reality, conservatism, a blueprint of what's worked.


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