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Morning Update: Courage to Believe

Federal officials recently toured the unused Terrell Middle School in Houston, Texas. They wanted to see if it would meet requirements as a detention center for the wave of illegal alien minors overwhelming the borders. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee says no decision has yet been made on turning it into a detention center.

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Tiny Town of Murrieta Forces Regime to Stop Refugee Flights to San Diego... Europe to Count Brothels in GDP... Kerry Tweets Guitar Photo-Op in China... What Nuclear Material in Iraq?...  Mexican Gov't Facilitating Influx of Guatemalan Kids....

Houston Citizen Bernadette Lancelin Rants Against Obama Border Policy

RUSH: She says she is furious that the White House wants to spend billions of dollars to feed and house thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children who've entered the country illegally. She says to the TV camera, "What about the kids here? What about the kids here in our neighborhood? And not just in our neighborhood, but in our country?  All these kids, really?  Why can't they go back?" 

Grounded Girl Discovers Rush Revere

CALLER:  I was recently grounded for three weeks and my dad told me that if I read a book and wrote a book report on it, I could get a week taken off.  So I read your book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  I loved it.  The first chapter I was just trying to get through it, but I absolutely fell in love with the book.


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