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Lurch: American Exceptionalism Talk Makes Me Uptight... Jay Carney Isn't Going to Work for Apple... Female Yahoo Executive Sued for Sexual Harassment, Including “Digital Sex” with Another Woman... Senator Sessions Warns Congress: Obama's Immigration Strategy Could Destroy America...

Poll Provides Template for Drive-By Day

RUSH: The purpose of this poll, ABC News/Washington Post poll, is to say that while Obama doesn't do very well public opinion-wise on handling the border crisis, it's really bad for the Republicans... It is a poll being used to make news, to provide the Drive-Bys with a template and a hook for the entire day so that they can shield Obama.

This is Obama's War on the Suburbs

RUSH: These kids are being flown out, bussed out, driven out, and they're ending up all over the country, and there's no end in sight. And you don't think they're being deposited in these buildings with broken windows on Eighth Avenue, do you?  They're certainly not being deposited there.  Make no mistake what this is.  There is a deep resentment held by many on the left for those in this country who are affluent, those who "made it" or what have you. It's cut-everybody-down-to-size time.  It's time to show the United States what life is really like for everybody else. 

Caller: The Fourth of July was a Dud

CALLER: I wanted to talk about how, on the Fourth of July, I saw the fireworks, but I really didn't feel like a sense of overwhelming national pride, and I think it's purposeful by the Obama administration...  We're made to feel like we aren't as important anymore and we're diminishing in the world standing. And it's on purpose, to make us feel like we aren't good enough, like we're mediocre -- and we're not mediocre!  We're the greatest nation in the world.


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