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Will America Still Be Here For the EIB Network's 52nd Anniversary? ... Northeast Liberals Complain About Cool Summer ... NY Times Shocked By Yet Another Obamacare Failure ... Tomorrow: Feminazis vs. Transgenders ...

No, Mitt Romney Can't Win This Time

RUSH: Romneycare, Obamacare, they cancel each other out.  But with the economy as bad as it was, with Obamacare lingering, with everything that was known -- Benghazi and everything that was known -- if poor Mitt was not able to capitalize on the absolute worst four years of a presidency we've had in my lifetime, what in the world makes people think he's gonna be able to do it again?

Caller: I Think Obama Hates This Country

RUSH:  You know, I could play devil's advocate with you.  Let me give you an example.  Well, you know, Irene, you say they hate America, but what if in fact they really love America and they hate the imperfections, and they hate the discrimination, and they hate the bigotry, and they're trying to rectify all of these things that have kept people disadvantaged for all of these years?


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