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Any Looting in Napa?... Officer Wilson Out-Fundraising the Gentle Giant... Jihadi John's Father is a Terrorist... NYT Witnessed Brown Family Autopsy...  Cornel West Let Down by "Counterfeit" Obama... Watch Ray Donovan, Feel Better About Your Family... When Will New iPhones Drop?

Ferguson: Civil Rights-Themed Soap Opera

RUSH: The civil rights era is where supposedly the nation for the first time in its history came together and did something decent, and that's the way it's taught... I've also characterized the news of the day as the daily soap opera.  I have a See, I Told You So sound bite here from Gwen Ifill from Meet the Press yesterday you have to hear. 

The NFL Story of the Weekend

RUSH: The sports Drive-Bys have just been praying, hoping, they want, they need  this guy to make the team... Because of Sam's wonderful sack on Saturday night, he could be snapped up by anybody if the Rams try to put him on the practice squad, which means the Rams can't put him on the practice squad. They're gonna have to keep him, and that's why it's the big story.

Clintons Absent from Brown Funeral

RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, I, El Rushbo, your guiding light host, your highly trained broadcast specialist and Real Anchorman.  I've been watching the gentle giant funeral, excerpts of it.  It's not wall-to-wall coverage, but if you look at CNN and Fox, I've seen enough of it to know that the funeral crashers haven't shown up.  The Clintons are nowhere near.  I haven't seen 'em. Now, normally, something like this, they go in there and they maneuver themselves into the front row and into the eulogy slot of the speaker slot. 

Understanding the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

RUSH: I'm saying, wait a minute.  This is ass backwards.  What you ought to do -- and I'm thinking of doing this -- just make a video of writing a check to ALS and holding it up... Well, again, I'm a literalist, I am the mayor of Realville, and the challenge is you either donate to the cause or have an ice bucket dumped on you.  Well, I'll donate.  Anyway, it's obviously metamorphosed into something other than that.  


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