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Morning Update: Power Drunk

So schools must glorify a Democrat President. Businesses must suffer Democrats designing their products. And if you try to vote them out, they’ll create the votes they need after the elections. This is what being drunk with power, liberalism, looks like.

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Can Anybody Find the GOP Campaign?

RUSH: Have you heard any Republican stand up and say anything in opposition to what's going on now?  Have you?  I haven't.  It's, to me, striking.  And yet the Republicans, people talk about a wave election, how is that going to happen?  Are they sitting there really believing that the only or the best thing to do is to shut up and don't become targets and let the Democrats commit harakiri and, come November, people will vote Republican automatically 'cause they're so fed up with the Democrats?  Is that what the thinking is? 

We Must Artfully and Passionately Explain the Benefits of Lower Taxes to Low-Information Voters

RUSH: Warren Buffett is investing in Burger King and they're merging with a fast food joint in Canada and they're gonna have their federal tax rate cut in half.  It's amazing, Warren Buffett promoted Obama. Warren Buffett made the case for tax increases on the rich to help Obama.  Now Warren Buffett, when it's him involved, does everything he can to pay as little in tax as possible... How many low-information voters do you think have bought the notion that Burger King is unpatriotic and not willing to pay their fair share? 

Should ESPN Suspend Itself?

RUSH: There has to be an underlying assumption, right, that the gay guy is on the prowl?  A liberal media outlet doing this?  How can this be!  Why, this is the kind of thing you would see happen on Fox News, right?  This is the kind of thing you would expect to happen on The O'Reilly Factor, right?  Not ESPN. 

Explaining the Expectations Gap

RUSH: Republicans expect they're gonna win big because they assume everybody's gonna be out voting against what's going on.  So that's why this expectations gap is even relevant today, because it's all part of the context here that we're exploring, why there aren't any polls.  And why, therefore, there is no discussion of a wave election that might manifest itself for the Republicans.  And then, we're back to the same old thing:  Why aren't the Republicans contrasting themselves with the status quo?  


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