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RUSH: You know, I long for the days of Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, just arrest the judges and put them in jail when they violate your constitutional authority. I don’t think people have any idea who Andrew Jackson was. They think he was a populist. They don’t know what he did. He went too far, don’t misunderstand. But this is simply outrageous.

Greetings, my friends, and welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program.

I have been trying all week to avoid leading with my anger over what all is happening here with the left and their essential takeover of the judiciary. Instead of just ripe anger, I have been trying to apply reason to this and inform and educate people on what is going on as best I can. But it ticks me off, folks. I can’t tell you how angry it makes me.

Judge Gorsuch, this whole business, there ought not even be a story of Gorsuch supposedly or didn’t supposedly say whatever, that he was disheartened and demoralized by what Trump said about the judges. That whole story bothers me, whether it’s partly true, totally true, it just bothers me. We need people with guts to take these people on. We do not need people that are gonna cower and kowtow, because this is the last chance we’re gonna have.

And something else bothers me today, and it has for the longest time, and I’ve addressed it on I don’t know how many occasions. The way I’ve put it on previous occasions is that Donald Trump is winging this all by himself. He’s got no support. Obama had the media helping him and every liberal think tank in the world and all kinds of public advocacy helping him and protest marchers, and Donald Trump has nothing. Every support group that Obama had is opposed to Trump.

The only thing Trump has is the people that voted for him. What if he changes his mind one day, what if he wakes up and says, “You know what, life isn’t worth this, screw it”? What if he decides, “I don’t care about this anymore”? I don’t think that’s gonna happen, but the point is, there needs to be some serious work making sure that what elected Trump is not just a one-time thing that only shows up every four years during presidential elections.

There’s a grassroots out there, there is a vast majority of Americans in the Electoral College election that overwhelmingly showed up for Donald Trump. And those people are desperate to still be involved and find a way to assist. They watch what’s happening in the news and they are livid, they are outraged.

I went out last night for the first time in a long time. It was a cigar dinner at a golf club near here. In fact, I met a couple of prominent Republicans in the Florida House. Jose Oliva, he’s a representative from North Miami. He’s gonna be speaker of the Florida House in a couple years, and the current speaker of the Florida House. Jose Oliva was the cigar company last night that provided the cigars.

There were about 250 or 300 people at this event, all professional people, all eminently successful, some retired, some still working. I don’t do these much anymore for a host of reasons, primarily because it’s just impossible for me to hear in rooms like that and to have conversations with people even at the dinner table, and so sometimes it’s more frustrating than it is worthwhile for me. But this was a Marvin Shanken dinner and I went to it.

I can’t tell you, everybody in that room, there were even a couple of Democrats that came up to me, and everybody in that room was 1,000 percent behind Trump, 1,000 percent ticked off at what is going on. I was asked to give some remarks, and I stood up. There isn’t a thing I could have said last night that would have offended them. There’s not a thing I could have said last night that anybody would have thought was going too far in describing the Democrats.

These people were hungry to hear it because they voted for Trump, and they also, I think, at times — it’s not that they feel alone, ’cause it’s not that. They’re on the winning side. But they know everything that’s arrayed against them. And they worry about the Republicans in Congress, you know, just how firmly behind Trump and his agenda are they. In other words, they’re worried that all of this is precariously balanced and that it needs constant support behind it.

It’s kind of frustrating to say that the only thing we’ve got here that gives this movement, if you want to call it that, any energy is Trump himself. That’s not a cut at Trump by any stretch of the imagination. See, I don’t think right now, I don’t think the argument is with much merit over, “Are we doing populism here or are we doing conservatism?” That, to me, is not what’s most important.

What’s most important is defeating the left, an ongoing project that we’ve just won one election in that big process. It must be ongoing. And what’s happening here with these judges and these two state governors in I guess it was the state of Washington, I forget, now doing victory laps like they won the presidency last night after this ruling, because these rulings are totally outside the law. These rulings are totally absent any reference and fealty to the Constitution.
I have a story here in the Stack: “Hundreds of Thousands Rally in Iran Against Trump.” Who else is rallying against Trump? The Democrat Party in this country and the American left. As so often happens, anti-American institutions, anti-American leaders, anti-American countries sound no different than the domestic Democrat Party. They sound no different than the American left. In fact, these hundreds of thousands of Iranians rallying against Trump actually issued thanks to American Democrats for their help in supporting the nation of Iran, which is a state sponsor of terrorism.

And I think it’s safe to say that the Democrat Party does not care whatever damage results to this country resulting from their policy decisions or their political decisions. They’ll clean that mess up later, in their mind. All that matters to them right now is defeating Trump and making this election look like they actually won it and making everybody on the victorious side, the winning side, think that it’s just an aberration and not real. And that’s what they’re in the process of doing, and that’s their modus operandi.

Now, I want to review what this case is all about and give you a little judicial history as well and talk about what is the next phase. What can Trump do? What will they do? Will they continue to fight this? ‘Cause, you know, Trump’s a winner. He likes winning. Will he continue to fight this? If he does, this could go on for months, folks. These idiot… I’m sorry to be hopscotching here, but I learned of this ruling late after it had happened, after I had arrived at the cigar dinner. So I had to break away with the phone, get to a private place where I could study what the heck has happened just because I wanted to know.

We were making jokes about this, and I watched CNN earlier in the week, and some infobabe at CNN was peppering Trump supporters. “Well, you know, I’ve talked to a lot of lawyers! I’ve talked to a lot of lawyers, and they have said that the judges can strictly rule on what the president said during his campaign about wanting to ban Muslims.” I was beside myself there. There is no way under the sun where that is relevant in a legal proceeding! What the president said? That would be like saying that when Obama says, “When they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun…”

That’d be like judges deciding that President Obama is pro-Second Amendment; you could say that he just came out and supported gun rights because of something he said on the campaign trail. Judges and courts never do this kind of thing. But these are not judges. These are left-wing liberal hacks who wear robes. And, in fact, you know what we have here? It’s not just the Black Lives Matter; we have Black Robes Matter, and we’ve just seen the beginning…

(Black Robes Matter parody)

This is going to continue because this is where the left has populated themselves.

They’ve taken over the judiciary, and they are in the bowels of the bureaucracy in unelected positions. Here you have three judges on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals who do not have access whatsoever to national security information, presuming that they know more about national security than the president — and that because of that, they can overrule the Constitution. You know, I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me that whoever presented the case for the Department of Justice was incompetent. That doesn’t matter.

The law is the law, and the law doesn’t matter now when it goes against the left.

Anyway, I’m trying to rein in my anger here and keep it in check so that I continue to make salient and brilliant points.


RUSH: I sometimes think we get sidetracked, and I’ll give you an example: The global warming debate. So here comes climate change and global warming, and here come the left, and they’ve got all their data. They’ve got all this supposed scientific data — a “consensus of scientists” and all this scientific data — and it’s made up. It’s a hoax, it’s made up, it’s guesswork. There’s no way they can know 95% of what they’re asserting because we weren’t taking records way back then. So all of this the tree rings and the ice cores and the hockey stick graph? It’s all made up.

What do we do?

We debate them on the science.

Understandably, we had our own scientists who dispute it. But we take their premise, which means we lose the argument from the get-go. When we accept their premise that climate change is happening and we start try to prove a negative, we waste time, because climate change is not about climate change. It’s about liberalism. If you want to defeat climate change, if you want to educate people about climate change, you educate them about liberalism and socialism and who the hell it is and who the hell they are and what the hell they’re doing.

If you get caught up in numbers of emissions of CO2 and what’s going on at 35,000 feet in the atmosphere and all, you have lost the debate. I’ve told the scientists on our side about this, but they love it. They love the science. They love getting into it, and they love proving the theory wrong. But we’re not dealing with science in climate change; we’re dealing with liberalism. Same thing here. It looks like we’re debating the law with the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals. We’re not! We’re under assault by the left.

The left does not respect the traditions and the institutions established at the founding of this country, including the court system. They have sought to overtake the court system and turn the courts into nothing less than left-wing political operations. Now, we can sit here and we can debate the aspects of their ruling and we can go out and we can point to everybody how this is not constitutional; they don’t have this right. But they still at the end of our argument get away with it! We can argue all day long. We can demonstrate for as long as we live how these people have turned the law upside down.

At the end of the argument, they still prevail, and people then say, “Well, if they’re so wrong on the law — and if what you say is right, that they’re abrogating the law or violating the law, or ignoring separation of powers or whatever — why do they prevail?” And the answer to that — hello! — is L-I-B-E-R-A-L-I-S-M! Liberalism. But our side loves to debate the law. A lot of people love to debate the law, and I’m not saying don’t do it. I’m not saying do not expose the fraud that these people are engaging in with rulings like Judge Robart.

Judge James Robart

I am so worn out with hearing, “We can’t comment on these people,” that somehow they’re above and beyond scrutiny, analysis. Who says? They’re left-wing hacks that wear robes. That’s exactly what they are. They don’t… If they see a law in their way, they simply ignore it. They find a way around it, because they know it’s very difficult to overturn. Now, the Ninth Circus leads the league in having decisions of theirs overturned at the Supreme Court. There’s nobody even close, and it’s a stunning number. I don’t have it right in front of me.

But you would be shocked at the number of decisions from the Ninth Circus that the Supreme Court agrees to take. I mean, it’s like 80%, folks, or maybe even higher than that get overturned. We don’t know about this one, if it ever got to the Supreme Court without Gorsuch being there, because they got four liberal hacks on that court. And Anthony Kennedy, when he has written and opined on matters like this, has found for the power of the judiciary over the executive. So it’s not a guaranteed win if it goes to Supreme Court.

But at the root of all of this, is the Constitution being ignored, the will of the people being ignored, liberalism. And they have their various areas where they engage in this nefarious activity, and those areas shield them and give them authority and give them respect, like scientists in climate change and judges in the law wearing black robes eminently educated, among the best and brightest of our legal minds, educated in some of the finest liberal indoctrination centers — I’m sorry, law schools — in the country.

I happen to think… You’re not gonna see this represented on the news. I happen to think the vast majority of everybody who voted for Trump is livid over what’s happening here with this Robart character and the Ninth Circus. You know what else they’re livid about? You turn on CNN — I just saw it a minute ago — Jacob Chaffetz, a bunch of other Republicans in the House going back home and they’re having town hall meetings, and a bunch of progressives are showing up, and they’re bought and paid for just like they’re bought and paid to riot.

They’re bought and paid to protest. The media is in the headlines: “Republican Congressmen Facing Outrage from Constituents in Town Halls,” made to look like the earn people didn’t want any part of this. They didn’t want any part of what Trump’s doing, any part of what the Republican house is doing, and they’re hearing — and that’s not true. It’s fake, phony protests at these Republican town hall meetings, bought and paid for.


RUSH: Daily Caller: “Department of Justice Ignored Evidence of Terrorism Leading to the Travel Ban Being Struck Down.” Now, I’m gonna deal with some of the legalities of this, but then again, this really isn’t the legality. This is the point. These judges at the Ninth Circuit and this Judge Robart sitting there reviewing the Trump executive orders “Well, I don’t see any evidence that any people from those seven countries have committed acts of terrorism. (stammering) I — I just — I — I don’t think I…”

So what? That doesn’t matter! You don’t get to decide that because you don’t have the intel! You don’t get the briefings, Judge Robart, and neither do these three or the whole committee out there on the Ninth Circuit. One of Trump’s big problems is he still doesn’t have his people there and there’s a bunch of Obama holdovers that I think are sabotaging him. A classic illustration of this: Department of Justice attorneys ignored ample evidence of terrorists from those seven nations affected by Trump’s executive order, and this helped lead to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals uphold be the suspension of the order.

The Ninth Circuit ruling said, in part, “The government has not shown that a stay is necessary to avoid irreparable injury. The government has pointed to no evidence that any alien from any of the countries named in the order has perpetrated the terrorist attack.” So what! That is irrelevant to the law here. It doesn’t matter. The law is clear. It is from 1952. It invests in the president sole version by proclamation to do this. But that’s not the kicker.

The kicker is there have been at least 80 alleged terrorists who have emigrated from those seven countries since 9/11. And if you’re like me, you’re saying, “Well, where the hell was the DOJ lawyer arguing this executive order before these two courts? Why didn’t he have this information?” Folks, I don’t know if they had it and purposely didn’t use it; I don’t know if because they’re just now getting settled in after the inauguration they weren’t prepared to defend the executive order in court. I don’t know if the implementation of this thing was not up to speed. None of that matters when you go to down to the law!

None of it matters! And even if there had not been 80 different terrorists get into this country from these seven countries — which there have been — it doesn’t mean that there won’t be, and it doesn’t mean that the administration doesn’t have intel showing that they’re trying to. The courts can’t possibly know any of that. That is why, among many other reasons, they are not constitutionally charged to police national security. But this Judge Robart is presumed to know more than the president, presumed to care more than the president, and it’s presumed that the president’s stupid.

The Ninth Circuit, all they had to do was back up Judge Robart and make the same conclusions. But what’s going on here is all four of these judges — Robart and these three judges at the Ninth Circuit — are simply Trump opponents. They were not acting as judges. They’ve got the cover of acting as judges because they work at courts, but they are left-wing activists. This is no different than Donna Brazile. These three judges are no different than Paul Begala or James Carville sitting on those courts, or Matt Lauer, or take your pick of any Drive-By journalist. That’s exactly who they are. That is what we’re dealing with.
Yes, they’ve been to law school. A lot of good that’s done anybody! They have been to law school, and they have served on various lower courts, and they have distinguished themselves with their judicial writings and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But when it comes down to understanding, defending, protecting, and enforcing the supreme law of the land, what do they do? They piss on it! And I’m fed up with this. And there’s got to a way around this other than simply trying to demonstrate how these people are wrong on the law.

They have lifetime appointments so you can’t get rid of them. You can impeach them. There is a process for removal. Congress has more power over the federal judiciary than anybody knows, and they have more ability to deal with reestablishing, redrawing districts, however they want to deal with the judiciary. That is under Congress’ control, as vested in it by the Constitution. We’re not dealing with judges here. We’re… Well, fine point. Yes, they’re judges. But that’s not why they’re there. They are there to advance the Democrat Party agenda.

They are there to do whenever they can to attack, limit, destroy any other agenda that is in opposition to theirs. You know these people; you know these people hate Trump. They despise Trump. They’re all part of the establishment. They despise Trump because he’s from outside and because he won the election.

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