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RUSH: This is an object lesson in media malpractice. This is a story from The Hill. Let me just read to you the headline and the opening paragraph and ask you what you think the story is about. Ready?

Headline: “GOP Senator: ‘Cloud of Doubt’ Hanging Over FBI Probes — Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) says that perceptions of potential political interference in FBI investigations are casting a ‘significant cloud of doubt’ over the bureau.” What do you think that’s about? What are they trying to make you think their story is about? “Well, that Grassley is worried that his party is making a mess of things by trying to interfere with the FBI investigation of Russia and Hillary, and this is creating a major cloud of doubt that’s not good for the Republicans.”

That’s not what the story’s about.

Grassley’s concern, as the story then explains after the opening paragraph, is about Andrew McCabe. The story is about the deputy director at the FBI, Andrew McCabe, who is a former Democrat candidate, who is very tied to the Clinton machine. His wife ran for office or was doing something.

Grassley was talking about McCabe being politically involved with the Democrats and having that cast doubt and a pall over the FBI’s investigation, because with the deputy director being a rank-and-file Democrat — But The Hill wanted to make it look like GOP senator: Cloud of doubt hanging over FBI probes. Grassley says perceptions of potential political interference. They’re trying to make you think of the first paragraph, that’s all you’ll read, that it’s about Republicans.

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