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RUSH: It’s not her fault. It was never gonna be her fault. Writing a book about it is “painful.” And no, she’s not going away.

That’s the message from Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Women for Women conference being interviewed by Christiane Amanpour, one of Hillary’s many Drive-By Media buddies, sycophants.

You know, it’s actually comical. Hillary says she takes full personal responsibility for losing the election, and then blames everybody but herself, primarily James Comey.  If it wasn’t for those Russians hacking into Podesta’s emails she’d be president.

If the election were held on October 27th, the day before Comey announced that he re-opened investigation into her email server, she’d be president.

And we mustn’t forget, Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has to tell us.  Our society, my friends, is mired in misogyny. If voters could have overcome their horrible anti-female biases, she’d be president.

But now Hillary Clinton – victim of Russia, victim of the FBI, victim of misogynists, and who knows what else – is on the outside looking in. She has no intention of slinking into the sunset. Well, she actually can’t slink. She would waddle. She has joined the anti-Trump resistance.

So, buy her book and read again why it’s not her fault. It’s gonna be painful to write, you can read for yourself, how much personal responsibility Hillary Clinton takes for losing the Big One. And that is zero. You did it.

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