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RUSH: I’m fascinated by this Millennial generation, I have to tell you, in so many ways. And for many of you in the audience, Millennials are your kids. So I know you’re fascinated by them — the way they think, the circumstance in which they find themselves — and there’s exciting news with Millennials today. There’s a story from the College Fix that actually is the result of a survey at Harvard.

“The Institute of Politics at Harvard University spring survey, released [earlier today], found only 32% of [Millennials] approve of Trump’s performance and 41% of respondents give Trump a letter grade of ‘F’ … But when asked about major planks of Trump’s agenda” without his name being mentioned, Millennials love it. A majority of Millennials love 80% of what Trump is doing. When Trump’s name is on it, only 31% approve. What does that tell you?

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