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RUSH: Speaking of The Limbaugh Letter, I interviewed my brother yesterday about his new book, The True Jesus. If you have wanted to read the Bible and thought that it is just too big a project, that you wouldn’t know where to begin and you wouldn’t think you’d understand it, that’s what this book is — The True Jesus is actually a helpful guide to what’s in the Bible. It’s arranged in chronological order. It focuses on the four gospels, and will actually give you a very good lead-in, head start on how to read the Bible, how to interpret it and so forth.

It just takes the daunting characteristics of cracking the Bible open and starting to read it away from you. If you read this book first, you’re actually gonna want to dig into the Bible. I know a lot of people that wanted to do it and don’t for any number of reasons. “I don’t have the time. Once I get started, it’s a commitment; I don’t want to do it halfway.” The True Jesus by David Limbaugh is a great first step if that describes you.

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