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RUSH: Did you see what Trump did? His judicial nominees, 10 judicial nominees yesterday? These people are, as far as conservatism is concerned, they’re almost ideal. And they’re all in their forties. And the Democrats cannot stop them. We’re talking about appellate court nominees and federal district court nominees.

Since Harry Reid blew up the filibuster to pack the court with Obama nominees, they don’t have to kill a filibuster for this. It’s already dead. The Democrats cannot stop these people. The only two people that can are (chuckles) Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Well, if two Republicans defect. But the 60 vote rule is out. These are tremendous nominees. These are nominees who are gonna be on the court for decades, and it’s one of the most important things the Trump agenda can accomplish. Younger judicial nominees give Trump a chance for legacy in courts. I got a couple stories on this, and they’re all raving about it.

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