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RUSH: “Could a new FBI director reopen the Hillary investigation?” I assume so. There’s some Democrats paranoid that that’s why Trump did this. (impression) “Yeah, he’s tired that Comey wasn’t going after Hillary! So he got rid of Comey and put somebody in there that will go after Hillary.” Comey already listed her crimes. Comey’s already done that. That’s what he did July 5th. He listed everything she could be charged with. What did he say? “We couldn’t find any intent.” He… By the way, from the moment he said that, that’s not what the statute says!

The statute says nothing about intent. There are all kinds of people in jail for trafficking in classified data that didn’t know they were doing it. It was Comey writing his own law, interpreting his own law. He was hell-bent not to charge her. He shouldn’t have done that press conference anyway. He claimed he did it ’cause Loretta got on the plane with Clinton or Clinton got on her plane and she let it happen. She was… It’s not his job to take over the Department of Justice and act like a deputy attorney general!

And then to go out there and list her crimes and then say, “But no reasonable prosecutor would charge.” Well, we’ll find out. But what happened here? Comey got fired. Why did Comey get fired? According to the left, according to the media, according to the Democrat Party. Why are they mad that Trump fired Comey? They are mad because Comey was investigating Trump and the Russian connection, and that’s why Trump won! And Comey was looking into that, and Comey was gonna produce the goods, and Comey was gonna get Trump — and we all know it!

Trump knew Comey was gonna get him and be and so Trump said to Comey, “You’re outta here. You’re fired. I’m not gonna let you get me.” Wait a minute. Are you saying that Trump didn’t fire Comey because of his transgressions against Hillary? That July 5th press conference, if you want to look at it straight up and down, that was outrageous what he did to Hillary Clinton. List her crimes? This is never done. A press conference where you list the crimes of a perp but you’re not charging but you still list the crimes? It’s never done.

That’s why the Democrats initially were angry at Comey and hated Comey, and it’s why the Colbert audience cheered when they heard Comey got fired because they have been conditioned to believe that Comey stole the election, not the Russians. It was Comey that stole it. July 5th press conference. October 28th letter to Congress. Comey stole the election from Hillary. That’s why they’re cheering. It was right that Comey got fired! The Democrats have been dumping on Comey for nine months since that happened. “Comey’s evil, Comey’s a rotten guy, Comey stole the election — except for the Russians. Comey did it! Comey did it!”

So Trump fires Comey. Where’s the gratitude? You know, Donald Trump saved Barack Obama’s honor by bombing Syria. Obama had all those red lines telling Assad, “You cross the lines, we’re coming after you.” Assad crossed the lines; Obama did nothing. Here is Donald Trump. If you ask me, the media should be thanking Trump. The Democrats should be thanking Trump because Trump finally squared it for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump protected the honor of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was mistreated by Comey.

The Democrats believe it, and Trump got rid of the guy who was mistreating Hillary. But that’s not what they’re saying. They don’t care. They don’t care anymore what happened to Hillary. They don’t care what Comey did to Hillary. That’s not even a factor in this. The Democrats are saying, essentially, “We don’t care about Comey costing Hillary the election. What we care about is the Russian collusion conspiracy theory — and for that reason Comey can’t be fired. No matter what Hillary wants. No matter what Podesta wants.

“We can’t get rid of Comey even though we’ve told all of our supporters to hate Comey ’cause he stole the election for Hillar. But we’d rather focus on the Russians stealing election. So Hillary? Sorry, Baby, but you got no weight with us anymore.” They’ve thrown her overboard. Her cause, Comey’s mistreatment of her, not a factor. If I’m in the Clinton campaign, if I’m Hillary Clinton, I’m feeling abandoned, cheated on yet again. Other lines of attack are preferred over a line of attack that would be oriented toward defending me.

Hillary’s charge that Comey interfered with the election just got kicked to the curb. Comey doing the nasty to deny Hillary with that July 5th presser and the October 28th letter just got kicked to the curb. Democrats are fine with that. Got no problem with that. That’s not why they’re mad that Comey got fired. They’re mad that Comey got fired because they wanted Comey to get the goods on Trump. As far as the Democrats are concerned, Hillary’s yesterday’s news.

Hillary lost the election. Doesn’t matter how now, because their focus is on the Russian connection. They just dumped on Hillary again. They don’t care about Hillary’s charge that Comey cost her the election. Democrats want Comey around because of a phony collusion narrative between Trump and the Russians. Looked at another way, you could say that Donald Trump was actually protecting the honor of Hillary Clinton by getting rid of the guy that mistreated her. Say that. If you run into a guy in the media and say that to ’em, you’d better run for the hills.

They’d be so mad at you that said that. Look at what’s happened here. One woman… One woman and her illegal mail setup, her illegal fundraising apparatus… One woman — Hillary Rodham Clinton, the most cheated-on Democrat woman in America — sets up an illegal email server and traffics in classified data. She accepts donations from questionable foreign entities in the family crime foundation. If Hillary Clinton hadn’t sought the presidency, we wouldn’t be here. If Hillary Clinton hadn’t set up the email server, we wouldn’t be here.

If she hadn’t been running around raising funny money with the foundation, we wouldn’t be here. But she did. One entitled, expectant, thinks-of-herself-as-a-queen woman and her illegal email setup and her illegal fundraising apparatus combined with a Washington establishment effort to cover it all up and keep her out of trouble is what has gotten us to this point. If Hillary Clinton had simply faced justice like anybody else, we wouldn’t be here. But the Washington establishment and the Democrat Party had to do everything it could to keep her from being charged, to keep her from being found guilty. And that is why we are here, not Donald Trump.

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