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RUSH: CNN and the Washington Post with fake news. There’s a news story that Comey requested additional money for his investigation just days before he was fired. The Department of Justice has just denied it 100%. There was no request for additional money before he was fired. CNN and the Washington Post get this fake news trail going that Comey was getting close, man! He needed some more money. He needed some more money to nail Trump!

And that’s when Trump moved in and said, “Screw you! You’re not getting the money. You’re not getting me.” The DOJ says it’s 100% false that the request was made.


RUSH: It’s bogus. Why would the FBI need additional money? Anyway. Really, really big investigation. Yeah, that’s been going on for how long now? (laughing) This is one of the biggest hoaxes. The Russian collusion with Trump to steal the election is one of the biggest hoaxes and scams that I can remember. I mean, just this side of climate change, global warming. But this is really localized. This is a very narrow-scope hoax. It’s amazing. There’s nothing! There’s literally nothing there.

Before the election, when Hillary thought she was gonna win, there wasn’t any talk about the Russians tampering with anything other than Podesta’s emails, but nothing about the election. Nothing! They thought they were gonna win — and, after they won, they didn’t want the election tainted by claiming the Russians had helped out. They started this hoax about 24 hours after Hillary lost, once they came to grips with it (which they probably still haven’t, when you get down to it).

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