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RUSH: My friends, I’ve often spoke of the connection Donald Trump has with his audience, with his supporters. I understand it because… Well, I just understand it.

The Democrats do not have such a connection, and I’m gonna prove it to you right now. Perhaps one of the funniest… (laughing) One of the most indicative… This is one of the top five most illustrative, indicative things in this entire past 18 hours or whatever it is. Last night on CBS Stephen Colbert had a reunion of all those clowns from Comedy Central. It was hyped. It was celebrated. It was promoted. There were gobs and gobs of people tuning in to relive some of the great old days when the Democrats were running comedy and therefore running the country.

So they have a large audience, and that audience is just waiting — just waiting to be entertained, to express all of the pent up frustration they’ve got — ’cause their heroes are back on TV. So it’s time for the program to start, and Colbert goes out there, and he opens the program in his monologue by announcing a huge story that broke just minutes ago — ’cause they tape this show like five or six o’clock. They taped this show shortly after the firing of James Comey took place — which, by the way, was totally justified.

There is no constitutional crisis. There is no coup other than the one being mounted against Trump. Trump cannot conduct a coup. He already has power. Trump cannot do a coup. He already is president. If there is a coup going on — which we discussed countless times — it’s a silent coup against Trump. So anyway, Colbert goes out there. He says, “A huge story broke just moments ago, less than 10 minutes ago, FBI Director James Comey has just been fired by Donald Trump,” and his audience cheered!

His audience practically gave it a standing O, and Colbert didn’t know what to do. The audience, which is indicative of liberals and leftists all over the country, thought it was the greatest thing they could have heard because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to do: Hate Comey. They have been told that Comey stole the election from them by dumping all over Hillary. They’ve been told that Comey showed all kinds of favoritism to Trump, so they have been conditioned to literally hate Comey.

The Hillary camp has played a role in that; the Drive-By Media has led that charge; the Democrat Party got their digs in. So Colbert goes out there, and he’s fully expecting for his audience to boo and hiss, and what did they do? They cheered it! They gave it a standing ovation because that’s what they’ve been programmed to do. They’ve been told to hate Comey. Colbert was totally taken aback, and he said something like, “Wow, wow. Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here.”

No, there weren’t any Donald Trump fans in that audience last night knowing full well it was a Comedy Central reunion. There weren’t any Trump fans in there. Those were liberal Democrats — robots, mind-numbed. They just can’t keep up with whether they’re supposed to hate Comey or not at this particular point in time. They don’t know who they’re supposed to hate. Can you imagine how confused they are? Their initial gut reaction was to stand up and cheer it, and Colbert was embarrassed. Here’s how it sounded last night on the CBS Late Show…

COLBERT: Huge story that broke just minutes ago, like less than 10 minutes ago: FBI directory James Comey has just been fired by Donald Trump.

AUDIENCE: (wild cheers and applause)

RUSH: Yeah, right on.

COLBERT: (confused) Oh-ho-ho. Wow. Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here tonight.

RUSH: The audience was totally taken aback. They are insulted. They were called Trump fans! They’re not Trump fans. They’re liberal Democrats. They can’t keep up with whether they’re supposed to hate Comey. They don’t know who they’re supposed to hate. And Colbert had no idea. Colbert just assumed that everybody in his audience was sophisticated and knowledgeable enough to understand that Comey being fired by Trump…

See, Trump is the archenemy. Trump at every turn must be booed, hissed, and so forth. “But Trump did a good thing! Trump fired Comey,” they thought. I don’t know how many people think this is a big deal. I happen to. ‘Cause I think it indicates… It’s a teachable moment for Republicans, it’s a teachable moment for conservatives in terms of understanding (if there’s any doubt) what we’re up against. And if there is, you see these people that are on the left are not independent thinkers.

They have not arrived what they believe based on their own thinking, their own calculations. They are entirely programmed. They absorb the media they absorb for instructions — behavioral instructions and all the rest — and that is just one little microcosm.


RUSH: Susan in Klein, Texas. I’m glad you called. It’s great I have to you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s an honor to be with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I thank you, first, for my excellent education in the Limbaugh Institute for the last 25 years. My first reaction is about Trump adding the, “Oh, by the way? Three times he told me I’m not under investigation.” At first, I thought it was just Trump being Trump. (chuckles) But as you taught us critical thinking, I thought, “No, there’s more to this.” I’m just wondering if he didn’t do that because it politicizes it that he would tell Trump he’s not under investigation. I would think that would not be legal, either.

RUSH: You mean to tell Trump that?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: You know, I mentioned… This is a good observation on your part. I appreciate it, Susan. ‘Cause I mentioned at the beginning of the program there were two or three things about this that I thought said volumes that nobody was focused on. And that usually happens here. The conventional wisdom forms, and I’m outside it. I’m just gonna tell it again just to repeat. Folks, if you didn’t hear what happened here, Stephen Colbert last night, he’s got this giant reunion with all these Comedy Central clowns and so they’ve been promoting this. So theoretically, he’s going to have a huge audience last night for this show.

Well, it’s huge for them — and it’s all liberals and it’s all hipsters and it’s all this. So Colbert goes out in his opening monologue and announces, “Big news! It just happened 10 minutes ago! You may not know about it but Donald Trump just fired James Comey.” And the crowd erupted in a standing ovation. They were thrilled, they were happy — and Colbert was shocked. He didn’t know what to do. The last thing he thought was the crowd would stand up and applaud Trump firing Comey. So Colbert said (paraphrased), “Uh… uh… There must be a whole lot of Trump fans in here.”

There weren’t any Trump fans in there last night! These were classic liberal Democrats who have been told over the past month to hate Trump and to hate Comey! They’ve been told that Comey’s evil. “Comey’s the guy that kept Hillary from winning the election! Comey stole it! Comey did this.” So when Comey got fired, they’re thrilled; they’re excited. And that, to me, spoke volumes about how the rank-and-file Democrat voters, they’re just programmed robots.


RUSH: The point is that you have these liberals; they have been programmed, they’ve been instructed — wherever they are, media, college, whatever — to hate Comey. Despise Comey. Trump fires Comey; they cheer! Colbert was shocked. “No, no, no! We hate Trump. We hate Trump and whatever Trump does! Don’t you get it?” He thought, “My God, there are some Trump people in here.” The reason this stood out to me is because the left, whether their protesters are bought and paid for or whether it’s their rank-and-file, they do not arrive at what they believe by way of critical, independent thinking.

These are mind-numbed, programmed robots who are being programmed by virtue of hate. They are being emotionally manipulated while they are being lied to. And that posits to me a grave danger. They do not have… These people think they’re the most tolerant, the smartest, the most informed people around, and they are the exact opposite. And, as such, they pose a threat, if you believe that a representative republic or democracy depends on an informed, engaged citizenry. And the left cannot tolerate that. They cannot tolerate independent thinking.

Independent thinkers reject them. They need mind-numbed robots like that, and the fact that this display happened last night to me is evidence of what we’re dealing with, and you can’t appeal to them with reason. It’s a wasted exercise to try to appeal to these people with reason ’cause they haven’t arrived at what they believe by reasoning. They’re there because they’ve been emotionally manipulated with hate. The other thing I pointed out: When Trump mentions in this letter that Comey has told him three times he’s not being invested…

My first reaction: “Why hasn’t Comey publicly said that? I mean, that is huge! I don’t think Trump would lie about it. That’s all kinds of problems if he’s lying about this.” Now, Susan’s point is that Comey’s way out of bounds saying that, that you never… Although I’ll tell you something, Susan. On occasion, investigators, they will tell you if you’re a person of interest. They’ll tell you if you’re a target. But very rarely in a middle of investigation do they tell you you’re free and clear. However, they have Supreme Court permission to lie to you. Police officers can lie to suspects. So keep that in mind as you process that. What else did you have?

CALLER: I have a 10-year-old granddaughter — and I have all your books


CALLER: — who I begged to read your books. And she said, “Well, do they have princesses in there?” And I said, “No, but they’re really good.”

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: And she just wouldn’t do it. Anyway, one day she had nothing to read, and I gave her your first book to read. Long story short: She’s read all of them in probably less than two weeks — one in a 24-hour period.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: But she asked her teacher, because she’s in the fourth grade and here they do probably language arts and they have to have a book that you’re reading that’s historical. And she said, “Can we read this first book?” And she said, “Well, I don’t… Bring me the book, and I’ll see.” So right now, the book is in the teacher’s hands. But my granddaughter told her, “Everything we’re studying is in this first book of Rush Revere.” The only thing is, I had told her, “Everything in this, Jenna, is true,” and she wanted to Google the “Stomp” Act.

I said, “Okay, that part’s not true,” where, you know, they do a rap to the Stamp Act except that they call it “the Stomp Act.” Anyway, I just wanted to thank you, Rush, for everything, including those books. She has now devoured all of them. I asked her, “Have other children in your class read the books?” She said, “Yeah, several of them,” blah, blah, blah and blah, blah, blah. “Maybe not all of them, but several of them.” So thank you, Rush.

RUSH: I want you to hang on, Susan, so we get your address. We want to send your granddaughter a package. She’s 10. We got a whole packet of stuff we send people that like the books. The little Liberty stuffed doll she’ll absolutely love and some other stuff too. So please hang on so that we can get your address and get that stuff out to you quickly.


RUSH: Dave in to Towson, Maryland, you’re next. It’s great to have you here. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: Hey, Rush. First of all, I wanted to let you know that I travel around the country for work, and everywhere I go I get a rental car. The first thing I do is I put your station on and I change all the presets to your local affiliate. So that way if a liberal gets the car after me, they won’t be able to turn you off.

RUSH: (laughing) Every preset?

CALLER: Every preset.

RUSH: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I love that. Thank you. That’s great.

CALLER: Yeah. So I wanted to make the point the Democrats and the left tried to use the Russian collusion thing to drive a wedge between Trump and his base. But I think the only people it got traction with was the left, and I think it really confuses the left because they’ve been told the last eight years that the Russians were good to deal with, you know? “Tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”

RUSH: You know, wait a minute. This is an interesting point. You know, I must confess I hadn’t thought about it as far down the line as you have. I just say, “Collusion-Russians is supposed to equal “bad” to Americans; ergo, Trump’s gotta go.” But really, he’s got a point here. To whom is this narrative aimed, that Trump and the Russians colluded in stealing the election from Hillary and putting Trump in the White House? Who are they aiming that at? His theory is they’re aiming it at you Trump voters.

The media’s trying to separate you, drive a wedge between you and Trump, because you wouldn’t want any part of Trump if the Russians had cheated against Hillary. And, by the same token, they’re not aiming it at Democrats ’cause Democrats hate Trump already and anyway. They don’t need any added reason to hate Trump. So what is the purpose of it? They’re not gonna drive a wedge between Trump’s voters on this. The Trump voter will never believe it! A Trump voter knows that this is BS.

Trump voters are far more sophisticated, far more knowledgeable, and they think (snorts), obviously, much more than your average Democrat voter does. And they don’t fall prey to this kind of crap. So I think one of the objectives here is to just make the Trump presidency illegitimate morning, noon, day, and night. I think it’s an ongoing thing, just like they did with Bush and the weapons of mass destruction, the Iraq War, the Florida recount, the entire narrative.

Every narrative of every news story every day was to disqualify and delegitimize Bush so that he would have no ability to advance his agenda. I think that’s what this is really all about. They’re never gonna drive a wedge between Trump and his supporters. Only Trump can do that. I keep trying to tell these people — the media, Democrats — you’re never are going to talk Trump voters out of supporting him. The only guy that can do that is Trump. But the other point that he made, is that for all these years the Democrats have been told the Russians are great!

The Russians… Not just the last eight years. For the last 50 years, the Democrat Party has been buddy-buddy with the Russians and the Soviets, communists, and whoever. So now all of a sudden, Putin’s a bad guy? How can they sell that? “Putin, he’s a good friend of Trump!” That’s how they get. Because remember, their voters don’t think. Their voters react, their voters are emotional, their voters are just… They’re preprogrammed mind-numbed robots.


RUSH:  You know, I didn’t know this because I didn’t keep watching the show.  Apparently, Jon Stewart started making fun of Colbert’s audience as a bunch of dumb surfers, not knowing what the hell was up.  I’m telling you, that’s a big deal last night.  It’s not gonna matter in elections, that kind of thing.  It’s just in terms of identifying who we’re up against and what they really think versus what they… We’re dealing with idiots, folks, who are arrogant and condescending and think they’re the only people that know anything.  It’s useful information.

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