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RUSH: Right there it is at Fox: “Growing questions over president’s assertion that Comey told him three times he wasn’t being investigated.” You knew that was gonna happen. So why would Trump put that in the letter? Why would Trump assert that? Some people think, “Trump just can’t help himself. He’s a child. Trump had to put in that he’s innocent, he’s not guilty, he didn’t do anything.” That’s not what Trump was doing. You have to know Donald Trump. It’s no crime knowing Donald Trump — and I don’t mean “know him,” know him. I mean know how he thinks, how he speaks.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it many times: There’s nobody in American media that can better understand Donald Trump — the way he speaks, how he speaks, and the connection he has with his voters — than your host, me, El Rushbo. I’m gonna tell you, when Trump puts in this letter… It may not have been wise to do it; I’m not even commenting on that. But I think you always have to remember he’s not a politician and doesn’t care to be. So he’s not trying to go in there and master the system.

He’s in there to be who he is, and if it blows up the system? Fine. Drain the swamp. However you want to characterize it. What Trump was saying… Look, no question he’s using that assertion as an opportunity to tell people, ’cause Comey’s not telling anybody. I mean, why would Trump put that in there if it’s not true? Can anybody think why somebody…? Trump has to know that statement’s gonna become — at some point when these clowns cool off, it’s gonna become a focal point. It’s gonna become a target.

Why would Trump lie about Comey having told him three times he’s not being investigated if he is being investigated? What upside is there for Trump, for there to be a discovery that Comey had not cleared him? Now, given fake news, anybody can make anything up these days and call it news, which happens way too often in the Drive-By Media. What Trump was saying was, “Even though — even though — I am not being pursued, I’m still getting rid of the guy.” What Trump wanted people to believe, what he is trying to convey was that he’s not the kind of guy who would leave things alone and not do anything.

As long as he’s not in trouble, fine and dandy. Let Comey do what he wants to do. He’s not that kind of guy. What he was saying is, “Even though Comey’s told me that I didn’t do anything — he hasn’t found anything — I still had to get rid of the guy because I find what he’s doing outrageous.” He was actually trying to credit himself for non-prejudicial thinking. But the way it reads to critics is that Trump’s lost in his narcissism and his ego and just had to tell people. “He just had to tell people!

“He just couldn’t wait for the investigation. He had to tell people that Comey told him he’s not being investigated.” (laughing) “Even though you told me three times…” So now they’re looking at the that, and they’re gonna find a source somewhere. An anonymous source will say, “I don’t think that’s what Comey was telling us in the office.” You know damn well! You can make book on that. You can make book there’s gonna be at least an anonymous source, maybe two who will say, “No, the director didn’t say that to President Trump.”

Just get ready for it, ’cause you know it’s coming.

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