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RUSH: I told you yesterday to stop watching the media, that you are not getting an accurate picture. The media’s not even doing what they’re doing… (sigh) Well, it’s a bit of a stretch to say they’re not doing it for national consumption; they, of course, are. But it is really inside-the-Beltway here, because that’s where power is in their minds and that’s where any effective change they want will take place.

So the primary objective of the Drive-By Media is to flood the zone in the nation’s capital with this never-ending badgering of “Trump out of control,” “White House in chaos,” all of this stuff. The objective is to get rid of Donald Trump. But there’s all kinds of news out there that indicates it isn’t having a dramatic effect outside the Beltway, and that incredibly good things are happening as a result of Trump’s presidency.

So I want to start on that note. I want to start on the positives, and by virtue of starting with the positives, we are — out of necessity — gonna be exposing the Drive-Bys as they are operating. Now, this first. I did not believe this when I saw it. I was in stunned amazement when I saw this. I was watching CNN, and I want to thank God for making that happen or I’d have missed this. I normally don’t watch CNN. I’ve got it on here, but, I mean, I’m not really watching it. It’s just there in case something happens. I’ve got Fox and CNN on here.

You know, rather than set this up, I just want you to listen to it. This is the infobabe Brooke Baldwin. I’m sure her name recognition is skyrocketing nationwide because she’s made so many appearances here recently. She’s on something like one on three in the afternoon on CNN. She had as her guest yesterday Chris Cillizza, our old buddy from the Washington Post who has reported on us fairly and in quite complimentary ways on occasion. So we have no animus here.

We have no prejudicial bias or any of that. (chuckles) It’s just he left the Washington Post ’cause he wanted to go to TV. The big money’s in TV, in media. Well, outside of a couple, you know, radio shows. But the big money is in TV. So gravitated over there. Yesterday afternoon on the Newsroom program hosted by the infobabe Brooke Baldwin, she’s talking with Cillizza about the TIME magazine interview that Trump gave and that was published on Thursday. They’re discussing some of the observations in the article.

BALDWIN: Everyone’s talking about the two scoops of ice cream. Apparently a little nugget came out of this TIME magazine piece where apparently the president gets two scoops, you know, everybody around the table gets one. Uh, and no word if there were sprinkles on it.

CILLIZZA: Right. Well, the broader point here is — that they were trying to make in the TIME article is — the White House has adapted to Donald Trump’s tastes. So when everyone else getting waters, he get a Diet Coke. (chortling) When everybody else gets one scoop of ice cream, he gets two!

RUSH: Folks, this is how… I don’t know what you call this, insane. I don’t know if you say it’s rooted in hatred… This story is about how if you’re invited to dinner at the White House, Trump gets treated specially and you don’t. “He gets a Diet Coke; you get water. When it comes time for dessert, he gets two scoops of ice cream and you only get one,” and this is supposed to illustrate what a thoughtless, selfish, mean guy Trump is, that he hoards everything, that he doesn’t treat his guests well. “He gets Diet Coke; you get water! He gets two scoops of ice cream; you get one. You’re not even asked if you want two scoops!”

This was a serious news item in TIME magazine (the same place that told us boys and girls are born different), and it was judged to be so revealing and so indicative of the kind of mean guy Trump is that they talked about it on CNN yesterday. “He gets two scoops, and you only get one!” Does anybody remember…? Outside of Michelle Obama’s ludicrous school menu, does anybody remember details of dining in the White House with the Obamas? Of course not. They’re losing it, they’ve lost it, and the evidence is abundant each and every day.


RUSH: Speaking of that CNN… I don’t know how you characterize this. Nitpick? To actually do a segment on how mean Trump is and how selfish Trump is because at dinner Trump gets two scoops of ice cream and his guests only get one? Can I share with you a counterview to this, and it has to do with manners and culture and a couple of other things?

When you are an accomplished host, there are a number of things that you know and do by virtue of decency, commonality, manners, and what have you. Also, when you’re host and you’re at your own place — the White House — you have your own staff. They know your preferences, and they provide them without you asking. So if Trump likes two scoops of ice cream, that’s what’s gonna appear. But one of the standard rules of hosting is that there are amounts and quantities provided in a… What’s the word? It’s not “reasonable,” but you just…

You just assume what the mass desires would be, and you always have the option that if the guest wants two scoops, the guest can ask. If the guest wants two entrees, the guest can ask. If the guest wants a Diet Coke, the guest can ask. There’s no alcohol served in the White House ’cause Trump doesn’t drink. He’s never drank. He’s never smoked. So they’re doing this nitpick here, “Trump gets two scoops ice cream and his guests don’t! What a meany! What a selfish…

“He’s not even aware, this guy so focused on himself!” Have you heard the story about Nixon, what the media reported about Nixon in the White House? I’ll bet you haven’t heard this. When Nixon had guests in the White House, Nixon did drink; Nixon drink a lot. Nixon had wine every night with dinner. When he had guests in the White House, he served them wine. But the mainstream media did a story — and I don’t know if this is true.

But the mainstream media did a story couple times that Nixon served his guests cheap, rotgut, over-the-counter red wine while he was served Bordeaux, most likely Chateau Margaux, that was wrapped in a towel so that his guests could not see what he was getting. No idea if it’s true, but it was reported. It’s the kind of thing that the media reports that’s designed to drive somebody crazy, which (make no mistake) they’re also trying to do that. They are trying to drive Trump crazy.

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