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RUSH: Remember Corrine Brown? For over 20 years, she represented Jacksonville, Florida in Congress. She was a prominent member of the Congressional Black Caucasians. Until she lost her Democrat primary last August.

Well, Ms. Brown had her day in court last week.

She  faced 22 federal charges involving theft of money from an unregistered Virginia-based “charity.” She was found not guilty on four of the charges. But on the remaining 18 counts it’s bad news.

Conspiracy: guilty. Five counts of mail fraud: guilty. Seven counts of wire fraud: guilty. One count of scheming to conceal material facts: guilty. One count of obstruction of IRS laws: Guilty. Three tax fraud charges: guilty. It was ugly, folks.

The charity was called the One Door for Education Foundation. But when that door was opened, it led right to Corrine Brown’s pocketbook. Hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to help children were instead used to fund Corrine’s lavish parties, trips, and shopping excursions. And Chelsea’s wedding. I made that up, why not.

After the verdict, Ms. Brown appeared to be stunned. Understandably! The Clinton Crime Family Foundation took in millions in payoffs, spent hardly anything on charity work, and Hillary got to run for President! Ol’ Corrine tried to run with the big dogs … but she’s facing the slammer? How come?

Anyway, just remember this. When elected Democrats tell you “charity begins at home,” they want the cash to end up in their homes. Not at the charity.

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