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RUSH: The Trump Administration is enforcing the law and liberals are ticked off.

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo ordering federal prosecutors to pursue the toughest sentences allowed under the law, for drug offenses. This simply returns the Department of Justice to normal. It’s how the DOJ operated before Eric Holder relaxed the policies with a memo of his own.

The Attorney General said it’s a core principle that prosecutors should pursue the most serious charges available under the law. Doing so is moral, it’s just, it’s the right thing to do, and it will produce consistent outcomes. Sessions allows some wiggle room. If prosecutors don’t think the toughest sentences should be applied in a case they can explain their decision to his office for approval.

Now predictably, the left erupted. Drive-by pundits accused Sessions of racism. They claimed enforcing the law will hurt minorities and lead to overcrowded jails.

Eric Holder slithered out of whatever rock he was hiding behind to call Session’s directive “dumb on crime.” Holder said that Session’s memo threatened the stability of the criminal justice system and was a 20th-century failed ideology.

But look, after eight years of Obama and Holder’s ideology an opiate epidemic is sweeping America the likes of which has not been seen since the 1970’s before tough measures were put in place, which the Obama Regime removed, because they failed.

They were dumb on crime and got more of it. Sessions is simply fixing their mess.

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