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RUSH: Now, a couple of other examples of hypocrisy, just to get ’em out there. I don’t expect any of these to have any impact at all. Oh, we had a call yesterday from — two calls, a couple Trump people who unequivocally stated that they are not being negatively affected by the press coverage of Trump. They’re not even thinking of abandoning Trump or losing their enthusiasm for Trump.

And this came up because we had polling data yesterday from the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll which indicated that after a solid week of media drubbing, Trump had not lost any of his approval rating, and the Comey story was down at number eight on the list of top 10 stories people think important. So the Comey story was not resonating out there, was not captivating people like it captivated the Washington media. We had these calls yesterday, and I asked them point-blank, “Is any of this coverage starting to have you doubt Trump?”

“No way, man.” I actually think that this never ending, I mean, every day, all day, it never stops, and every day there is a new, brand-new scandal, outrage, whatever. Now, I think that the media is running the risk of creating great fatigue with them. This could cause a backlash again them, and I say that simply because of the polling data on the Comey story. Trump has a loyal base that he’s not losing here. And people’s emotional reservoir, as I have so often and brilliantly correctly pointed out, people’s emotional reservoir cannot be maintained at this overflowing, full level forever. Eventually people get worn out, especially if there’s no change, if there’s no outcome. If after all of this, which is designed to get rid of Trump, if at the end of it Trump is still there, at some point it’s gonna lose some of the glamour that it has.

You know something else I was thinking, folks? Right before the program started. And I know you do, too, because I’ve had calls about it. You marvel at the organization and the execution of the entire country’s left wing in furthering their agenda, in whatever way, in this case stopping, opposing, destroying Trump, you marvel at it. And at the same time we don’t see anything like this from our side, ever. I mean, we see nothing like this. When the Democrats win, we run to the microphones to congratulate and praise. When they nominate their judicial nominees, for the most part we say, “They won the election, they get to pick the judges.”

There are exceptions, like Merrick Garland, but for the most part when Obama names Eric Holder, our legal experts run to the microphone, “Oh, what a great choice!” When Obama wins the presidency, “It’s such a great historical thing.” Our side has nothing like what we see every day from the left. Why do you think that is? There’s a reason for it. It’s a simple reason.

Why do you think our side, call it the Republicans, call it conservatism, call it populism, call it the right wing, whatever you want, why is it that we don’t have 1% of this type of behavior, operation, energy, whatever it is, why do you think that is? No, no, I’m not talking about protests. I’m talking about — because these people are working for a living. They’re buying the protesters. They’re paying the protesters.

Don’t forget, the protesters are not organic. They’re paying for it. That is their job. They’re provided transportation. Some of them are given health care. The protesters are bought and paid for. It is their job. Why don’t we do that? We don’t we organize protesters to show up and protest the Clintons or whoever? Why don’t we do that? But not that specifically. Why is it that when they win elections, we bow down and accept it and move on? It goes beyond that. Yes, we have respect for the Constitution. We respect elections, the authority and so forth. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t fight for our issues and cause in opposition as they try to implement their agenda.

We never try to stop them. All we do is try to maybe modify what they want to do. They announce national health care, we say, “Okay, but we don’t like the way you’re doing it, we have a better way,” for example. I mean, you may say, “No, Rush, we really opposed it.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve repealed it, right? You saw we repealed Obamacare, that’s really on schedule, huh? We haven’t stopped Obama. We haven’t stopped anything here. Obamacare’s imploding on its own.

No, no, there’s a reason for this. It’s not that we work and don’t have time. And it’s not that we respect authority and accept defeat — well, there is some of that. But that’s not the answer that I am looking for.

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