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RUSH: We are growing by leaps and bounds. Something that’s actually unprecedented is happening. Normally after elections — presidential elections, or any intense election (it could even be a midterm) — there’s great focus, great attention. And audience levels rise and increase in the lead-up to the election. But traditionally after the election, people’s emotional reservoirs empty, of course. The results are known, the drama is gone, and there’s always some drop-off.

Now, we’ve had the least drop-off of other comparable programs over the course of the three decades we’ve been doing this. But in the case of the last election, it’s been the exact opposite. We have continued to grow even since the election. And I’m sure that one of the reasons (aside from the supreme talent of the host) is the fact that the election is being treated by half the country as though it didn’t happen or was illegitimate. The focus of the left to literally destroy anything and everything resulting from that election has kept people angry and involved and so forth.

And so audience levels are skyrocketing here. There are new people. I want you to think about, just to share one of the ways I look at this. And I don’t mention this to make any other point about it, but in August we’re gonna celebrate 30 years here. Well, we’re not gonna celebrate it. We’re gonna mark it. Thirty years. Now, you figure in that 30 years, how many people do you hear calling that say they’ve been here since 1989, 1991? A lot of people. Millions of people have been listening to this program for 30 years.

They’re 30 years older today than they were when the program started. Just like me. And, of course, during that time some of the people that made up our original gigantic audience have passed away, and it’s remarkable here that they have been replaced and we’re attracting… I mean, for this audience to hit 26 million, there have to be, by definition, new people that are finding the program. It’s all good. It’s great, and I’ve always considered this to be a borderline family-like relationship.

That’s how I look at all of you in the audience. So it’s all just… It’s fabulous. And in the way it defies traditional odds and so forth? I can’t tell you how gratifying it is. So I just wanted to mention that again, because last time I did I got a lot of feedback saying, “Thank you for doing that. It’s great to know that people are there and sticking together and not everything is crumbling,” which I appreciate.

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