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RUSH: Here’s Mike in Tyler, Texas, as we head back to the phones. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Great to talk to you. First of all, I’m a former intelligence agent, and when you just mentioned about now the media wanting transcripts of this meeting, the hypocrisy just slapped me in the face. (chuckles) Because it’s the media that’s trying to claim that the real problem with these meetings is that leaders now will not want to really share information with Trump and won’t trust him, and now the media is wanting transcripts of secret meetings with heads of state to be released.

RUSH: They want this transcript. But, you know, you raise two interesting points here. The first is — and you’re right — that the Drive-Bys are saying that since Trump is so irresponsible, dumb, and stupid, that he’s putting the country at risk because responsible foreign leaders are not gonna want to share intel with us ’cause that idiot Trump is gonna make it public. Which Trump hasn’t done! Trump did not make it public! The Washington Post did! They didn’t have to publish it. It was leaked to them. They are the ones that made it public.

This request for a transcript, let me tell you what this really is. To do that, I have to tell you about H. R. McMaster. I don’t know a lot about General H. R. McMaster, but I do know that establishment Washington loves the man. When H. R. McMaster was chosen by Trump to be the national security director after they had flushed Flynn down the political toilet, Never Trumpers in the conservative movement and establishmentarians in Washington all celebrated because this was a man of integrity and depth and respect and achievement.

And this man could not be compromised.

The Never Trumpers and the establishmentarians figured it was this man that would keep Donald Trump from firing nuclear weapons at Jeff Bezos. It was H. R. McMaster who was going to bring a solid respectability and a responsibility to an otherwise out-of-control, unique, infantile, inexperienced president and administration. So this man, with enviable integrity and respect — this man, H. R. McMaster, who everybody in the Drive-By Media and everybody in the Washington establishment loves and respects and thinks is solid — goes out and tells them last night and today that what was in the Washington Post is false.

And they’ve chosen not to believe him. It is not because of Trump that they want transcripts. They are essentially saying to H. R. McMaster, “We don’t believe you.” This is not about Trump, this request for transcripts. This is about McMaster. McMaster is out there in two different press briefings, last night and today, telling them (paraphrased), “You guys got it all wrong. There was nothing whatsoever going on in that room even close to what you reported was going on in that meeting with the Russians. So rather than accept the word of the highly respected General H. R. McMaster, what does the Drive-By Media do?

Demand a transcript. They’re essentially saying, “Sorry, General. We used to think you had integrity. We used to think that you were beyond reproach. But since you’ve chosen to work with this lug head, we don’t trust you anymore.” Now, having a reputation like that in Washington, can you imagine how rare and priceless that is? This is what everybody wants. Everybody in Washington wants to have a reputation that H. R. McMaster has. There are not many people that do. But a lot of the people that live there crave this kind of respect and dignity and all of that.

And now these people in the Drive-Bys have essentially said, “H. R.? (chuckles) Ever since you came over here to work for this doofus, we have to question your frame of mind, too, man. If you don’t have the integrity and guts to tell us what we know — that this man, Trump, is a blithering buffoon — then we demand to see the transcripts to believe you.” That’s essentially what this is. They’ve just insulted H. R. McMaster. I don’t know if he’ll take it that way. I would, if I were him. Now, obviously, yeah, of course it’s a means to an end to get Trump.

But look. They didn’t demand the transcript after Trump said something to ’em. They demanded it after McMaster. (interruption) No, I haven’t forgotten about my question. I’ll give you the answer to my question. I think the easy explanation to, “Why do we have nothing like the left”…? Now, some of it is personality. We’re not deranged, because we’re not lunatics, and we do not love government as god — and they do. Government is not our religion. Government is not our reason for being. Government and controlling it is not who we are. It is them.

But it’s more than that with them. You look at it and this is never going to stop, this “resistance” or what have you. And they, on the left, are all on board. They don’t have anybody saying, “You know, we need to back off here a little bit. Maybe cross the aisle, work with the Republicans.” They don’t have anybody that ever does that. They don’t have any moderates. They don’t have any compromisers. This is all about destroying their opposition. This is about wiping out the opposition. This is about eliminating it. Because they can’t, right now… In elections, they can’t beat us.

Why do we not have this kind of mentality toward them? They look at us as the greatest enemy they face — greater than Al-Qaeda, greater than ISIS, greater than an asteroid that might hit us because of climate change. They look at us as the single biggest enemy that they have. And they treat us accordingly. And they never stop trying to demoralize. They use their media to destroy people with innuendo and character assassination. They use their protest armies to destroy property and to intimate their foes.

They’re, right now, camped outside the home of the new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, over net neutrality. They’re threatening him and his family. Why do we not do this? Don’t say it’s about respect for the law and they don’t. I think it boils down to one thing. They have a cause. Their cause is purely ideological. Their cause is liberalism, socialism, communism, and everything that incorporates. Blaming America. America is the great evil in the world. America is the problem in the world. America is unjust, immoral. They believe all this, and their effort to establish it and dominate is on display 150% all day, every day.

They have a single ideology that fuels them, that informs them, that propels them. We have nothing like it. What does the right wing stand for? I can tell you, I can go down the list and tell you what the left hopes to achieve, what they think, how they’re going about it, what they think of America, what they think of me, what they think of you, what they think of the white working class. I can tell you what they think of African-Americans, Hispanics. I can tell you what they think of government. I can tell you what they think of climate change.

I can tell you what they think of whatever it is, terrorism, foreign policy, I can tell you what they think. I know it as well, if not better, than they do. Can you do the same with us? What’s our cause? Why are we doing this? Why are we in the arena? The Republican Party, the conservative movement, the right, whatever you want call it, anybody who’s not them, why are we in the arena?

My theory is that we don’t have anything close to a set of beliefs or organizing principles that animate us, define us, motivate us, energize us, fuel us. Meaning, we are absent conservatism and have been for a long time. Long before Trump came along. The conservative movement’s fractured for a whole bunch of different reasons. What do we have when something on the right is not conservative? What is it? I defy you to define it. It’s mush, it’s mishmash, you don’t know what it is.

It’s “I gotta get a book deal and get on Fox.” It’s, “I gotta get a job at a think tank and get a TV appearance.” It’s, “I gotta get a book.” It’s “I need to be a TV analyst.” It’s “I need a big appointment at a think tank.” Whatever it is, those are the desires and objectives of many on our side. What is theirs? Theirs is much bigger than all that. They’re all about transforming America and unwinding it and undoing the Constitution and not officially replacing it with anything. They just want to assume total control and rule by diktat.

They don’t want to have any official documents guiding them. They just want the raw power. As such, the best we can muster on a consistent basis — and it’s not that consistent — is opposition to them. “Well, what about Trump, Rush, what about Trump?” Well, Trump came along, specific things, specific issues that were in direct opposition to all of this. Trump even not being ideological knew how to oppose these people, knew how to stop them, knew how to beat them. Nobody else on our side knows how to beat ’em, or they would have been.

Trump came along and had the message for the number one population group in this country that is being discriminated against, written off, campaigned against, what have you. The Democrat Party announced they were throwing them overboard and getting rid of them in November of 2015. The white working class, largely those people, white working class without a college education. In fact, there’s a story, a poll here. Here it is. It’s from Breitbart. “Survey: Nearly Half of White, Working Class Americans Say They ‘Feel Like a Stranger in Their Own Country.’

It’s a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute and TheAtlantic.com. We on our side can’t even decide who are the people that are on our side and who do we stand for and who are we trying to promote, and who are we counting as supporters and so forth. That’s the umbrella answer to the question. Yeah, there’s specifics; we work and don’t have time to protest, but that is their job. They’re now bought and paid for.

Protesting is a living on the Democrat side. They’ve seen to that. They’ve got donors like George Soros that will pay people a pretty good living wage with health care to become professional protesters. About what, they don’t care. They’re just told what it is, where to show up, here are the signs, make as much racket as you can.

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