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RUSH:  Now, let’s remember the Dr. James Comey standard here.  After detailing evidence upon evidence upon evidence that Hillary Clinton had indeed trafficked in national security — that she had illegally allowed national security documents into and out of her home brew server — what did Dr. Comey say the standard is?  Well, Dr. Comey said, “There’s nothing wrong with exposing top secret data unless you intend to — and since Hillary didn’t intend to, then there’s nothing illegal or wrong here!”  Well, applying the same standard from Dr. Comey, did Trump intend for anything he said yesterday to end up in the Washington Post?  I doubt it.  The intent here (chuckles), according to Dr. Comey, is the Washington Post!  Except they have First Amendment protection.


RUSH: Let’s give you another example here. There was a presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton back on October the 19th. And during that debate, Hillary Clinton violated national security in a profound way. She leaked classified nuclear launch times during her debate with the Trumpster. The military was not thrilled that Hillary leaked extremely classified information. The tweet is still up on her Twitter account. The deep state gave Hillary a complete pass. The Drive-Bys said, “Nothing to see here! Anybody could figure this out.”

Here’s the tweet that stems from the statements she made during the debate. “When the president gives the order to launch a nuclear weapon, that’s it. The officer has to launch. It can take as little as four minutes.” Four minutes is the leak. Now, this came during a discussion of Trump’s unfitness, his mental insufficiencies. Dealing with the nuclear launch codes and the nuclear weapons launch configurations is a very, very, very, very important thing to America, and we can’t have somebody who’s going off the rails and making snap decisions here without any contemplation or input!

Because once you give those launch orders, they have to be obeyed — the officer has to launch — and it takes as little as four minutes. And the Drive-By and the national security deep state at the time, “No big deal! Hell, anybody’s got nuclear weapons knows that. Four minutes is not a big deal! Mrs. Clinton didn’t betray anything.” Yes, she did, and she did it publicly for everybody to see! What happened in the Oval Office yesterday happened in the Oval Office. Nobody knew what happened in there. It wasn’t any violation of national security.

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