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RUSH: Somebody wanted to know why don’t our rich guys go out and buy the media, like Carlos Slim of Mexico buys the New York Times? By the way, one thing about Carlos Slim, he has no control over anything at the New York Times. The family controls every voting share or 90% of ’em. Carlos Slim is investing money in it, but he has no control over the paper. The Sulzberger family has been very shrewd in that regard. The only people that control that paper are Sulzbergers and people related to ’em. Slim puts in some money, don’t know what kind of say so he has, but as to Bezos and the Washington Post, it’s a toy.

Don’t forget, folks, that traditional Drive-By Media is losing money. The newspapers are down pages, they’re down advertising revenue. The traditional forms of media are really undergoing a massive transformation, and they’re losing market share, they’re losing influence, circulation, you name it. So in terms of purchase opportunities, they’re not really high on the list.

Trump correctly called it a toy for Bezos. I mean, Bezos is up there at $80 billion. I don’t know what he paid. He can afford to lose money left and right, to use it for whatever other purposes he wants. The New York Times is not for sale and won’t be, so nobody’s gonna be able to buy that. A bunch of conservatives just did buy a humongous number of TV stations from Tribune, the Sinclair broadcast company. These people now own television stations in 73% of American television markets. Local TV stations.

Now, this is huge. People never talk about the influence local TV has on people in terms of its ideological bent. But if you have local news or local TV stations, the odds are they’re gonna be uber left wing when they’re doing the news or when they’re doing public service programming or what have you. This Sinclair purchase of Tribune is going to be huge and could actually be the foundational beginnings of a new conservative television network that would not just be cable, that would include over the air in these local markets that they have just bought, pending approval of the purchase, of course.

But it’s largely they’re losing propositions so our buyers would have to be people who want to run them as toys. And when you buy these things, who are you dealing with? In terms of who’s in the newsroom, who are the reporters, who are the editors? You’re gonna be at constant war with these people, and you have to fire them all.

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