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RUSH: Now, there’s good news out. There’s always good news in the country that never does get reported. I try to find it and mention it in the midst of all of this rigmarole that’s going on. Now, there are two things in this regard that interest me today. And one of them, on the surface, is not good. But it is potentially reversible. The first story is from the Wall Street Journal: “U.S. industrial production rose sharply in April, a sign of underlying strength in the economy.” This is just the latest in a long line of stories about the rebirth and the sudden reversal in direction of the United States economy.

It is directly attributable to getting rid of Barack Obama. We never had stories like this: “Industrial Production Surged in April.” We never had that! The stories we got were about economic stagnation or economic decline. And we were told, “Well, this is the new normal. This is just what we had to get used to as the nation fights climate change and switches to green energy and all these other things,” to supposedly improve everybody’s life. We were making them worse! Fifteen years of no increase in average income in the country.

The unemployment numbers were skyrocketing, and they were not being replaced. We had this labor force participation rate number of 94 million Americans not even in the workforce. Now, that number is still around 93. There’s still way too many in it. But it’s going in the right direction now. We look at the numbers of illegal aliens not even trying to get into the country now; that number is reduced by almost 75, and it doesn’t make the Democrats happy. That’s the people they need to make up their perpetual underclass.

They need a never-ending underclass — economic underclass — that is in a constant state of dependence, in need of Democrats in Washington. Without even building a wall — with just straight-down-the line-enforcement of the law — look at what is happening. A major dent in illegal immigration — and, folks, this is a huge issue. Illegal immigration and the Balkanization of the people arriving, the lack of assimilation, the lack of them joining a distinct America culture and the fact that the Democrats were trying to destroy this distinct American culture.

Let’s be honest about it. The “transformation” of America that Obama spoke about literally meant transforming our culture and diluting it. Because the culture, as well as our history, is viewed by today’s left as corrupt, unjust, immoral, unequal, racist, sexist, bigoted. They’ve got just the most horrible opinions of their own country. So destroying the American culture and replacing it with a hodgepodge of whatever, with no moral guardrails and no moral foundation, no law and order foundation…

Even law and order was under assault in the Obama years! The cops were the big targets. Law enforcement, now, Trump is honoring them. He’s standing behind them. He has sent out a message with Sessions and his proclamation the other day ordering prosecutors to seek maximum jail time. Some people have major problems with that, by the way, which we can get into on another occasion. The point is that in just… What is it, January, February… In four months, 4-1/2 short months, there has been a reversal.

Which is pretty fast, without there having been any significant legislation yet. And it’s an attitudinal shift. There is a greater optimism in the economy. Manufacturing jobs are coming back. American companies are announcing they’re staying here and not leaving for foreign countries. There are all kinds of upbeat, positive things happening that the Drive-By Media doesn’t dare report, doesn’t dare reference or even mention. The picture that’s painted, of course, is the exact opposite: despair, destruction, incompetence, boobery, you name it.

But there are encouraging signs happening out there, and it is due — it is due — to the election last year. And I am convinced a lot of it is due to the fact that Barack Obama is no longer setting the national mood every day. You can’t believe how debilitating that was, the constant apologizing for America, the attacks, the never-ending assaults on traditional American institutions which have defined us since our founding. That daily, weekly, never-ending assault was a dispiriting thing to a lot of people. And since it stopped, attitudes have done a 180.

And now the negativism that’s out there is not about the country. People are not… I mean, there still is some, obviously. It’s never gonna be unanimous. But most of the people out there who are upset are upset at what the establishment and the media are trying to the success story, how they’re trying to stop it. And it’s causing its own kind of strife and anger. Now, to be sure, there’s still lots of improvement that yet has to happen. By no means are we in panacea territory here. But I’m just saying there has been a marked shift in attitude and direction. When the monthly jobs numbers come out every month now, the numbers are “unexpectedly high,” or “unexpectedly low” in terms of new applications for unemployment compensation. Point being: There’s reason for some guarded optimism out there.

As opposed to the last eight years when the only people who were optimistic were those that were happy over the destruction of certain aspects of America, which further ticked us all off.

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