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RUSH: Una pregunta, ladies and gentlemen. I’m beginning to see a lot of places in the Drive-Bys, and even on some of these naive, ignoramus tech blogs that I read, references to Trump as a child and we just can’t have a child in this job. You wouldn’t let your own 10-year-old be president, and therefore Trump shouldn’t be. He’s just so childlike, he’s immature, he spouts off, he pouts.

Who do you think, as you gaze at the entire scene in Washington, who is it that’s acting like a bunch of children? It isn’t Trump. Who is it throwing the tantrums because they didn’t get their way? Who is it acting like hysterical spoiled brats because their side lost the game? Who is it that’s insisting, because they lost the game, that the rules be changed? Who is it that’s acting like any average eight- to nine-year-old kid who’s told he can’t have any more Twinkies or whatever kids — marijuana; I don’t know.

It’s not Trump that’s acting childlike. They want to try to convey that Trump’s childlike because he can’t make a decision or his decisions are bad or whatever. But it’s all based on the reporting of Trump. But the hysteria and the loss of control and the behavior that is inexplicable with adults, it’s all happening in the media. Childlike temper tantrums, an inability to deal with adversity and to accept the reality that they didn’t get what they want. It isn’t Trump.

I find the way the left comes up with these analogies interesting. He’s a child. We can’t have a child run our country. The whole left has been turned into nothing but a bunch of people who never got out of day care, for crying out loud! They still live their lives as adults as though they’re still in day care.


RUSH: Okay, now, the audio sound bite where a CNN infobabe and reporterette loses her mind on a pro-Trump guest. We’re talking here about Kate Bolduan. She’s the blonde girl who has the perpetual scowl unless she’s talking about Hillary Clinton, and then she has this warm glow. She glistens when talking about Hillary, and any other time, she is frowning.

And she’s hosting a panel discussion here of six or so people who don’t like Trump, but there’s one person on the panel who does, and she felt the need to lay into the solitary Trump supporter, who really wasn’t defending Trump so much as he was defending General H. R. “America” McMaster. He’s a former Navy SEAL. His name is Carl Higbie, and here is the sound bite…

HIGBIE: “Two former officials knowledgeable of the situation confirmed to CNN the main points of the story”? Two former officials?

BOLDUAN: (big sigh)

HIGBIE: I’ll tell you what: Come out, name those people; then we’ll have something to talk about —

BOLDUAN: One, we protect sources.

HIGBIE: — and —

BOLDUAN: Two, it’s not just CNN. It’s (pause) Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN —



HIGBIE: Yeah, but who?


HIGBIE: Who are the sources?

BOLDUAN: (pause) Carl?

HIGBIE: Who are sources? Oh, because they’re hiding behind this anonymity —

BOLDUAN: (screams) OH, PUH-LEEZ!

HIGBIE — and that’s what we’re seeing. Enough of —

BOLDUAN: (slams desk) PUH! (slams desk) LEEZ!

POWERS: Ohhhhhhh, I mean, so —

BOLDUAN: Do not even start with me that you’re just going to attack sources!

HIGBIE: Okay. So what about —


HIGBIE: So are you saying McMaster is lying?

BOLDUAN: I’m not saying McMaster is lying!

HIGBIE: Are you?

POWERS: Well, he didn’t really answer the question.

BOLDUAN: He didn’t answer the question!

HIGBIE: He said, “Nothing inappropriate was shared.”

POWERS: No, that’s his opinion.

HIGBIE: That would be —

POWERS: But that’s his opinion.

HIGBIE: That would —

BOLDUAN: You cannot say —

POWERS: What’s “appropriate” is —

BOLDUAN: You cannot attack —

POWERS: — his opinion.

HIGBIE: I’m not —

BOLDUAN: Do NOT attack the stellar reporters of CNN.

RUSH: “Do not attack — do not attack — do not attack the reporters CNN! Do not attack the sources! Reeeeeeeeeeally? Puh-leez! You’re attacking the sources at CNN? Come on, Carl! You cannot attack — you do not attack stellar reporters at CNN!” That’s Kate Bolduan. We also had Kirsten Powers in there fighting to be heard. “You know, he’s really not answering your question, Kate. He didn’t answer the question.” He said, “Nothing inappropriate was shared.” So they’re trying to say that General H. R. McMaster lied in his press conference yesterday and the day before.

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