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RUSH: You heard about Putin? Putin now wants to clear the air. Putin’s getting tired of our government being paralyzed here. Putin wants to help us out. Vladimir Putin says he can prove that Trump did not pass on secrets to Russia. Putin said yesterday that — this is Thursday, right? No, this is Wednesday — so it was earlier today. They’re way ahead of us over there in Moscow time-wise. No other way are they ahead of us. Well, I think they’re probably smarter than the Democrat Party.

So Putin said earlier today that Donald Trump had not passed on any secrets to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during the meeting in Washington and that he could prove it. He was speaking at a news conference alongside the Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. Putin joking around that Sergey Lavrov was remiss for not passing on what he made clear he believed were nonexistent secrets.

So Putin’s ragging on his own foreign minister here. “I spoke to Lavrov today. I’ll be forced to issue him (Lavrov) with a reprimand because he did not share these secrets with us. Not with me, nor with representatives of Russia’s intelligence services. It was very bad of him.” He was told all these secrets and he didn’t tell us about them.

Putin said that Moscow rated Lavrov’s meeting with Trump highly, said that Russia was ready to hand a transcript of Trump’s meeting with Lavrov over to U.S. lawmakers if that would help reassure them. Yuri Ushakov, a Kremlin aide, later told reporters that Moscow had in its possession a written record of the conversation. Now, they said it wasn’t an audio recording. (laughing) That Tass photographer, I’m telling you, was KGB. I guarantee you.

Anyway, they claim they don’t have a recording, they have a transcript. “Complaining about what he said was ‘political schizophrenia’ in the United States, Putin said Trump was not being allowed to do his job properly,” and I want to move in and help. You guys are paralyzing yourselves. “It’s hard to imagine what else these people who generate such nonsense and rubbish can dream up next.” He’s talking about the media here.

He said, “What surprises me is that they are shaking up the domestic political situation using anti-Russian slogans. Either they don’t understand the damage they’re doing to their own country, in which case they are simply stupid, or they understand everything, in which case they are dangerous and corrupt.”

That’s Putin talking about the media and the Democrats. It’s is totally incredible. Let me tell you, now, the media and the Democrats are using this as evidence that Trump and Putin are blood brothers close and Putin is trying to help Trump. Folks, I just want to tell you something. We only have to go back 30 years to find the Democrat Party in bed with Russian leaders. Back during the 1980s, the Soviet leader ace guy named Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev.

He had birthmark on his forehead and that birthmark actually grew, commensurate with Soviet expansionism. When they gobbled up a new little country, the birthmark grew. You could see the East Coast of the U.S. on it. You could see the Florida peninsula. You could see Maine. I have a picture of myself with Gorbachev and that birthmark. It ended up on my forehead in the picture. It was taken at Poppy Bush’s 92nd birthday party in Houston.

Anyway, back then the Democrats were scared to death that Reagan was Kim Jong-un and was gonna be launching nuclear weapons everywhere and it was Gorbachev who was the savior. Gorbachev came to America in 1986. They all had Gorbasms when he arrived. But the point is, the Democrat Party back then believed everything a Soviet leader said when a Republican president was in the White House.

When a Democrat president was in the White House, the Democrats and the Soviets were allies. They were allies when the Republicans were in the White House but the Democrats joined the Soviets in opposition to the Republican president. Gorbachev was a god. I’ll never forget, Frank Sesno almost couldn’t stay in his seat reporting that Mikhail Gorbachev is gonna invade the G7 economic summit wherever it was in France. So excited, Gorbachev was gonna come, even though the Soviet Union was a trash bin economically.

And now here it is, Putin, and they hate Putin, and they don’t like Putin. It’s a 180 that the Democrat Party has done. They used to love the Russian communists. They loved the Soviet leaders. They believed everything they said.


RUSH: I never thought I’d live to see the day when the Soviet KGB, which is what Putin is, Soviet KGB, Soviet communists are telling the Democrats that they’ve gone too far. I can’t believe it.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I never thought I would live to see the day. I mean, I never even contemplated such a thing could be possible, so I never even thought about it. It’s not that I thought about it. Could it happen? Could it not? I never even considered it. It never entered my cranial area. The idea that the leader of the Russian Federation, the Soviet Union — a KGB veteran by the name of Vladimir Putin — has gone public and is warning the Democrat Party in the United States of America and the American media that it’s gone too far! I never…

Of all the things you dream about, of all the things you contemplate, of all the jokes that you may make up and tell, the one thing in my life I never thought I would ever hear — and, by the way, it’s not as though I were sitting back ten years ago and said, “You know what I’ll never hear?” It never even occurred to me — not even as a germ of a thought, not even as a synapsis flutter, never anything — that the Soviet KGB leader would warn publicly worldwide the American left and the Democrat Party and the media that it’s gone too far and is paralyzing its own country’s domestic agenda.

Whew! Because, I’m telling you, back in the eighties and the nineties and the seventies and the sixties, the Democrat Party in the United States of America loved the Soviet Union, and they respected and revered and admired Soviet leaders, from Khrushchev, to Brezhnev, to Yuri Andropov, to Konstantin Chernenko, to Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev. The first one they hated of the Boris Yeltsin. He wanted to democratize the country. They hated Boris Yeltsin because he was the first Russian leader after the Berlin Wall fell.

The Democrat Party and the American media in this country were going all over the world after the Berlin Wall saying, “Some people are not meant for freedom,” talking about the people living in the Soviet Union all of the fall of Soviet communism. You youngsters in the audience, you Millennials, do not doubt me on this. Back in the 1980s, the American media and the Democrat Party were scared daily that Ronald Reagan was gonna destroy the world with nuclear weapons.

And that Mikhail Gorbachev was the responsible, mature savior of the world. And there were, indeed, Gorbasms when Gorbachev landed in 1986 at what was then called Andrew Air Force Base. When Reagan was recording his Saturday radio address one day, he was joking around checking mic levels. You know how some people go, “Level check. Testing one, two, three”? Reagan said (paraphrased), “The bombing of the evil empire starts in five minutes,” and it leaked out, and the Democrats and the media were beside themselves!

“He’s joking about bombing the Russians! Oh, no!” And they were scared to death. And they reordered more bomb shelters being built and all the itinerant stuff. Now Vladimir Putin for some reason, ex-KGB… No one ever leaves the KGB. Somehow, the (chuckles) Russians and the Soviets (maybe even the ChiComs) are not far enough left to satisfy the American the Democrat Party and the American media.


RUSH: Here’s Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington. She is speaking with Rex Tillerson this morning at the State Department.

MITCHELL: Vladmir Putin is offering Congress a transcript of that Lavrov Oval Office meeting. Do you think the Russians were bugging the Oval Office?

TILLERSON: I would have no way to know that. (chuckles)

RUSH: He wouldn’t? So Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, she’s all upset that Putin has a transcript of the Trump meeting with the Russians yesterday, or two days ago. And so she’s asking Tillerson if the Russians bugged the Oval Office. “I would have no way to know that.” Really? You don’t know if the…? I still say it’s that Tass photographer. Either that or the Soviet foreign minister had a microphone in his flag lapel pin. Who knows?

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