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RUSH: See, don’t forget this, Mr. Snerdley. This is a very important point to remember. There are rank-and-file Democrats, but particularly their base, who have been led to believe that this did happen. The rabid lunatics that make up the base Democrat Party voters believe there is collusion, just like they believe there’s climate change caused by us. They believe Trump got together with Putin and rigged the election from Hillary. Their media and their politicians have led them to that belief.

I call your attention to the audience at the Colbert show on CBS, when Colbert told them that Trump had fired Comey and they cheered! They cheered. They cheered because Comey was — they were told to hate Comey. They were told that Comey screwed Hillary. Well, not literally. They were told that Comey sabotaged Hillary’s election, that Comey’s the reason along with Trump colluding with the Russians, and so when Colbert comes along and announces that Trump fired Comey. (paraphrased exchange) “Yaaaay! (applause) Right on!”

And Colbert says, “No! No, no, no, no, no, no! We love Comey now.” The audience says, “What? We love Comey? Well, okay, whatever you say. Boo! Booooo!” They have created — and this is real, because these are the people that accept payments to join protest marches and riots. They have been led to believe. Just like they were led to believe the polling data was correct, they were led to believe that Hillary was gonna win in a landslide. They have been led to believe that Trump colluded with Putin.

They’re convinced. There’s no talking them down. They believe it happened. Democrats in Washington, the media? (scoffs) It’s incidental. What they need is the story, the continuation of the charge or the allegation, the ongoing investigation. That’s, to them, all they need. But they’ve created an absolute lunatic and insane, loaded-for-bear army out there. And if there isn’t any evidence of collusion, they’re gonna have problems of their own. So when I ask, “Are any Democrats starting to worry now that there isn’t any…?” They may not be worried for the sake of the investigation.

But I’ll bet you they are worried over what the impact is gonna be with this lunatic base fringe that’s gonna have to be talked down. “Sorry. There isn’t any evidence. There wasn’t any collusion. The only collusion was the Democrats rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders.” No, no. That would tick ’em off too. So I think we have potential for huge backfire here on the media, on the Democrats, ’cause they’re not thinking this through. They’re the ones with this mindless twaddle. They’re the ones undermining the sanctity and the integrity of our electoral process.

They’re the ones attacking it. They’re the ones refusing to acknowledge it. They’re the ones refusing to accept its authority. And remember that last presidential debate when Trump would not acknowledge that night that he would accept the outcome of the election. Remember the reaction: “He is single-handedly… Look at Trump. This guy’s such a pig! He is wrecking the integrity of our election. Donald Trump: Another reason why he’s unfit.

“He told us tonight that he will not accept the out.” Look at who doesn’t accept the outcome. The guilty party here is on the left. They don’t have evidence of the primary thing they charge. They don’t have any evidence of the primary thing they claim lost them the election. But they’re creating millions and millions and millions of people out there who think it is. That’s a potentially explosive circumstance that they, the Democrats, might lose control of.


RUSH: Do you know the Democrats are out there focus-grouping and polling impeachment? Now, what does that tell you?

It tells you that there’s no crime here. It tells you that there’s nothing really impeachable out there. They’re just polling people to see if they’ve got a political case maybe they can make for it.

Three Democrat leaders are trying to slow all this impeachment talk down, and there’s a reason for that.

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