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RUSH: Chris Cuomo, who works the morning shift on CNN… Some people call him the Fredo of the Cuomo family. (interruption) You knew that, right? (interruption) You didn’t know that? (interruption) Yeah, they do. Chris Cuomo today demanded that a Republican congressman prove that there is no proof of Russian collusion. That’s right! He was talking to… Duffy. I can’t get the first name Duffy. Some congressman named Duffy. They don’t print the guy’s first name here. (interruption) Sean Duffy! Sean Duffy, Republican, Wisconsin.

Chris Cuomo demanded that Duffy prove there’s no proof of any Russian collusion. How do you do that? How do you prove that there’s no proof? That’s worse than trying to prove a negative. That’s trying to prove two negatives. And that was just recent. The one from last night, Chris Cuomo (summarized): “Pointing out the lack of evidence in the Russia investigation is sabotage.” That was yesterday’s morning show on CNN. He said, “Trump has shown clear intent to influence the Russia investigation, even after the appointment of a special counsel.”

He said, “Pointing out there isn’t any evidence of collusion is an attempt to sabotage it.” So two things from Chris Cuomo. Pointing out there’s no evidence is sabotage, and now demanding that a Republican congressman prove that there is no proof. And we’re told this ought to be the standard for all journalism? How is this guy not laughed off the set by his coworkers when he comes up with it?

Newt’s idea is to simply shut down the White House pressroom. Just kick the Drive-Bys out of there. He said (paraphrased), “Why? They’re an adversarial bunch, and they represent the opposition to Trump. Why even give ’em an opportunity to? Just kick ’em out and Trump can do his own press conferences whenever he wants to do it. Just shut it down. Just kick them out of the White House.” It’ll never happen, unless Newt was press secretary, and Newt’s not gonna take the gig. But I thought that was fascinating. I wanted to throw that by you.


RUSH: Yeah, I’m sitting here thinking about this whole notion of collusion between Trump and the Russians. You know where there was collusion? How about the collusion between CNN and the Hillary Clinton campaign to the extent that of giving her debate questions advance? That would be Donna Brazile who worked at CNN. There’s some collusion for you, and that’s meddling in an election to boot. There’s no evidence the Russians did anything of the sort, and yet what are they investigating? Now we have to prove that there’s no proof of collusion, according to Fredo Cuomo. Wow.

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