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RUSH: Many Californians have finally had enough. Ever since Democrats gained a supermajority in the state legislature, they have endured continuous tax increases. The straw that broke the camel’s back was massive tax increases on gasoline and diesel fuel — the highest taxes in the country.

Freshman Assemblyman Josh Newman is actually facing a recall effort for supporting the higher taxes. So, Governor Jerry Brown was in Orange County to defend Newman. He promised the freshman tax-raiser all the resources he needs to keep his seat.

Then the Governor dropped an f-bomb. Governor Brown said: “The freeloaders, I’ve had enough of them!” He was referring to the taxpayers leading the recall. Who are tired of tax increases.

Think about that. Jerry Brown and his Democrats have done nothing but raise taxes since they’ve been in office. It’s never enough. Whatever they get, they spend and then spend more. And if you object to having your pocket picked, you’re the freeloaders!

You pay for his multi-billion-dollar high-speed train to nowhere. You pay for every illegal alien claiming sanctuary in the state, including medical, food assistance, and health care. Instead of fixing crumbling dams, you must pay for “social justice” and “climate change” programs. And you’re a freeloader!

Yet to Governor Brown and liberals in blue states everywhere, it’s you taxpayers who are held in contempt. These Democrats are parasites. And to make it worse, they’re ungrateful parasites!

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