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RUSH: Trump’s also sent them into a tizzy by calling the special counsel “a witch hunt,” which it is.

I got Elijah Cummings. I happened to be smack-dab in the middle of show prep today, about an hour ago, 10 minutes after 11 eastern, and I happened to look up at a TV monitor. Elijah Cummings is on both, and Elijah Cummings and a bunch of congressmen had just come out of a briefing that the deputy attorney general had conducted with members of the House… What is it, Oversight Committee? (interruption) Yeah. …on the reasoning for choosing a special counsel and who the special counsel is and blah, blah, blah, blah. And I looked at him and said, “What…?”

He looked sad. Cummings looked sad; he seemed incoherent. For the longest time, he couldn’t put two words together and make any sense and certainly no sentences. I said, “What am I looking at here? Am I looking at an act or did Rosenstein not tell the guy what he wanted to hear in this closed session? What the hell went on?” I finally figured, “I’ve got this figured out.” I told Cookie to put these sound bites at the top of the list. Grab two and three. I’m trying to figure out which one to play first. Play them in order here. Play number two. Just an hour ago, this is Elijah Cummings from the Congressional Black Caucasians, member of the House Democrat. Listen.

CUMMINGS: (haltingly) If there is any moment that the press in our country’s history has a major role, it is this moment. This is your moment. You have got to put it out there so people can understand what is going on. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is about the fight for the soul of our democracy. We cannot afford to lose this one.

RUSH: I just… I sit here. I sit here and I’m literally stunned to the degree of panic these people obviously have reached. This kind of thinking and this kind of behavior, this kind of messaging? I’m telling you: This stems from people who think they are losing. This comes from people who are in fact losing it. There is no evidence that the Russians did anything except expose the cheating on the Democrat side. If the Russians exposed anything, it was that the Democrat primaries were rigged against Bernie Sanders.

We learned this after the Democrat National Committee computers and network were hacked. This is not the Podesta dump. That’s a whole different thing. We learned that the Democrat National Committee, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz was working with Hillary to make sure that nobody but Hillary got the Democrat nomination. And these people have the audacity to talk about something for which there is no evidence.

And there will not be any evidence, not any real evidence, that the Russians tampered with the presidential election. We don’t know if the Russians tampered with the Democrat primaries, but we know that the Democrats did. And here’s Elijah Cummings, as somber as I’ve ever heard him, talking about how democracy hangs in the balance? He doesn’t even support our democracy. This guy is for something more like a totalitarian, command-and-control country, with the Democrats in charge.

This is a guy that doesn’t trust democracy. The Democrats are losing elections. That’s why they don’t trust democracy. But to stand up there and act like we are on our last legs? The Russian collusion with Trump is for forcing us to the precipice; our country may not exist as our precious founders designed it. Just literally insane. Here’s the next Elijah Cummings sound bite I wanted you to hear.

CUMMINGS: (haltingly) We’ve got the investigation as to whether or not there was any kind of collusion with the Trump administration’s campaign or President Trump. And, three, you’ve gotta question whether there is some type of cover-up. When you’re dealing with the FBI, this is a whole ‘nother ballgame. People can lie and lie and lie to each other, but if an FBI agent walks into your office and asks you some questions, that’s the time when the lie, if it stays a lie, that is an offense which you can be charged with.

RUSH: What in the hell is he…? Now he’s begging for a process crime. Now he’s saying, “Well, we may not have any evidence out there, but we can sure as hell get us a process crime.” The question he was asked, “Congressman Cummings, do you believe that the appointment of the special counsel was warranted and a good move?” (paraphrased) “Well, you got the investigation here, the investigation over there, the other investigation — our investigation, that investigation over there. You can lie! You can lie! You can lie! You can lie to us. You can lie… You lie to FBI; you gonna be in deep doo-doo.”

They’ve got nothing! You know what they’re hoping? They’re hoping that just the investigation itself — the elongated, prolonged investigation itself — creates an attitude that Trump is engaged in scandal and thus needs to be impeached or dispatched somehow. Dianne Feinstein said again today: There’s no evidence of any collusion. Nobody’s found any! How many different investigations are looking for it, and for over a year, and there isn’t any. The only rigging of elections, again, was the Democrat primaries: Crazy Bernie screwed by the DNC and Hillary.

It’s amazing, literally amazing.

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