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RUSH: Sneak a quick call in here. This is Rachel in Baltimore. Thank you for calling. Great to have you on the program. How are you?

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks so much for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I gotta stay true to my word, I told him I would say it, you be nice to Snerdley. I heard that comment at the beginning. You be nice.

RUSH: What? Oh, you mean the nut job.

CALLER: Yeah. (laughing)

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, right. Okay. Thank you. You want me to spank myself?

CALLER: That’s okay. (laughing)

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I’m not into violence. I also wanted to thank you because you guys sent my kids the most amazing Rush Revere package a while back and they loved it and it was awesome.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’ve always, you know, kind of listened, I listened to you and I’m a reformed liberal, and so I used to — you know, I listen to NPR and other things. I like some of the human interest stories and so forth and I did my best to recognizance the indoctrination when they were forcing it down. But I can’t even bring myself to listen to any news, honestly, not even Fox anymore. I feel like everybody has become just unhinged. And they don’t even try to mask their — they used to kind of like be sly about getting their opinions in. It’s no longer — it’s brazen.

RUSH: There’s no subtlety at all, just hammer time, hammer every day.

CALLER: It’s sick. I no longer listen to anything and I think that there’s a lot of people like that and —

RUSH: I think there are too. I keep — you know, it’s all anecdotal, but I hear from quite a few people when I observe it, I’m not watching it either.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And I think it’s wise. I think it’s good for your mental health to stay away from some of this crap. It’s so intense, it’s never ending, it’s always there and they’re always trying to add to it. I think you’re wise to ignore most of it.

CALLER: It’s painful to listen to it. It’s also depressing to feel like this guy can’t get a fair shot. Anyways, my last point I was gonna say is that I think that the best thing personally for Trump to do at this point is just to keep on plugging away at accomplishing his agenda.

RUSH: Exactly right. That’s my recipe too.

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