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RUSH: Earlier this month, Aetna pulled out of Obamacare in Virginia. They’re losing too much money. Other big insurers are also leaving, like Humana. They announced they’re getting out of all Obamacare exchanges next year.

So guess who the left is blaming? President Trump.

After Aetna’s announcement, the president tweeted two words: “Death spiral.” After Humana’s declaration, Trump posted: “Obamacare continues to fail.” Those two statements, says the New York Times, nudged Obamacare downward.

And they’re not just blaming Trump. All the opponents of Obamacare have supposedly contributed to the problem by making self-fulfilling prophecies that Obamacare would fail. They kept saying it was going to collapse and now, thanks to them, saying it was going to collapse, it is.

Meanwhile, the next big legal hurdle facing Obamacare is subsidies. A federal court has already decided that the law’s “cost-sharing subsidies” are not constitutional. Liberals are demanding that the Trump Administration appeal that ruling. See, the liberals know that Obamacare will be dead in the water if the earlier ruling stands and subsidies go away because nobody can afford it on their own. So they’re already laying the groundwork to blame Trump if that happens.

Look, folks, Obamacare was destined to fail with no outside help. It was built on lies, it was unsustainable from the get-go. It’s been in a death-spiral since the day Obama signed it.  They – and they only – are to blame. But what’s happening is exactly what they want to happen. This is how you get to single payer.

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