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RUSH: No, no, no, no. This guy that resigned the White House communications office, bupkis, what was his name? He worked with Karl Rove. I think he worked at that PAC or whatever that Rove has, Cross… I’m having a mental block. (interruption) That’s a different Crossroads? There’s two Crossroads? Okay, so this is not Crossroads? Does Rove know there are two Crossroads? How can there be two Crossroads? Okay. So it’s not the main PAC.

Anyway, supposedly he resigned on his own. People are thinking, a-ha, the big broom has begun. But that’s apparently not. This guy apparently — (interruption) ha, you’re not believing that, huh? He-he-he-he. Snerdley just asked me if I heard the report that three leakers have been found. That was ten days ago the first time I saw that.

And then on Sunday my email gets filled up, “Hey, Rush, hey, Rush, look at this, look at this.” It was a news story, I don’t know, the 27th or 28th, one of these days over the weekend and it was the same thing that I’d seen ten days ago that Trump had — well, at the beginning of the trip, not 10 days, whenever the beginning of the Saudi Arabia trip was. Well, that was nine days.

Oh, do you realize, have you seen the media tweets congratulating themselves for the grueling schedule and the hard work. Something like 10 cities in 10 days, 11,000 miles, 110 live stand-ups. I mean, it was like they had just performed yeoman’s work that the country had never seen before, tapping themselves on the back, hopefully pulling the oblique muscles in the process.

No. I’ve seen that story that three leakers have been identified and soon are gonna be sent packing. Twice I’ve seen that story in a week. But I’ve not seen any named attached to it, and I’ve not heard of any resulting action from it.

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