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RUSH: Last weekend, a reporter for the Washington Post, Matt O’Brien, attempted to explain: “Why Republicans Are So Bad at Health Care.” That’s the title of his article.

The real reason Republicans are supposedly so bad is that Republicans are opposed to the redistribution of wealth. And today healthcare is all about redistribution: taking money from some people and giving it to others. O’Brien says the Republicans’ problem is they’re looking for a healthcare system that does not rely on redistribution.

Mr. O’Brien has stumbled onto the real reason there’s so much discord in our country. Liberals used to say the government was needed to provide a healthcare safety net for those too poor to pay for it themselves, but that’s not the case anymore.

Now, healthcare isn’t about health at all. It’s class warfare: taking money from successful, productive achievers and spreading it around to as many people as possible for votes and political power.

That’s what the end game has always been for liberals and Obamacare was a giant step toward that goal. It’s why liberals insist that somebody else has to pay for everything, from birth control to annual checkups.

Redistribution is deadly to a healthy economy. Punishing achievers kills job creation and innovation. It pits Americans against each other. And no matter how much money is taken, it’s never enough.

That is why Obamacare must be repealed, not replaced with Obamacare lite, but simply erased.

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