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RUSH: I mentioned this leak. Of course, General Kelly, one of the things he’s supposed to do is be tightening these leaks down. He’s supposed to be ending these. This one is from the New York Post: “Latest White House Leak Proves No One Can Be Trusted — Even congressional interns can’t be trusted after [a congressional intern] leaked a recording of a speech by Jared Kushner in which he admitted ‘there may be no solution’ to the conflict in the Middle East.

“‘So, what do we offer that’s unique? I don’t know,’ President Trump’s son-in-law said in the speech on Monday, which was leaked despite a stern warning from an administration staffer not to spill the beans.” You know, it’s obvious — even despite the firings and despite this — there doesn’t seem to be any restraint on these leakers. People aren’t afraid of punishment. They’re not afraid of being called out. Many of them are probably not even afraid of being found out or discovered. They continue.

But this one… This one I find fascinating, ’cause this is exactly right: There isn’t a solution to this if they’re talking negotiation. This has been one of the biggest follies. This is why I could never live and work in Washington. I could never be of Washington. I could never be part of that process, because this has been one of the biggest jokes perpetrated on people my whole life. The whole idea of Middle East peace as a diplomatic solution? It’s impossible. There will never be one, and I’m glad Kushner said so. I’m glad he’s realized it.

Kushner is very young compared to all these other diplomats, and he’s way ahead of the game here. But look at what we’ve had to put up with. We’ve had Jimmy Carter and the Camp David accords, and we had Clinton bring in Arafat and all these players to the White House. We’ve had everything under the sun, and it is one of these things that never ends no matter who the president is. No matter what party runs Washington — or runs Congress, I should better say — this is a thing that is just part of Washington that goes on and on and on to which there will never be a solution.

Yet it is something careers are made of. It is something that people have invested in for all kinds of reasons other than solution, and everybody plays along. The Drive-By Media duly reports every phase of the latest round of talks, ideas, negotiations on Middle East peace. What is Middle East peace? What is it, anyway? Is it still the Palestinians versus the Israelis and a Palestinian state? What is it anymore? If we achieved Middle East peace, what would be the result? What would happen? I don’t think anybody can even tell you anymore.

But the one thing I know: This is a conflict that goes back to the beginning of time. It is a biblical religious conflict that does not have a diplomatic solution. Not a single side in this dispute is ever going to surrender because somebody talks them into it. There’s never gonna be — and I have to think that all these people playing this game have to know this, which is why is it strikes me as a gigantic phony exercise. We’ve got whole think tanks that exist. We’ve got scholars and thinkers and think tanks. We’ve got experts on Middle East peace.

Whenever a mortar is launched in the Middle East, they’re brought out to television to analyze what it means and what’s going on. We don’t need any of that. We know that it’s a never-ending conflict. People that pay attention to it do. But there hasn’t been a conflict like this that has ever been solved with words, with the Red Cross, with environmental policy. It’s just never going to happen. The only way — and I’ve said this before; it’s nothing new. The only way this is ever gonna end… It’s like every other conflict ends.

It’s only gonna end when someone loses militarily and surrenders because of it. But nobody wants to start a war over this, not a permanent war. I mean, we’ve had Israel under attack. They’ve defended themselves, and they’ve been savaged and criticized for having the audacity to win each of these attacks that they’ve suffered. Israel continues to be portrayed as the problem in the area. And this is the whole thing that sustains all of this. But it’s never gonna end, and there are people that don’t want it to end. It’s like the racial strife in this country.

The people who ostensibly are there to solve the racial strife are the last people that want it the solved. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton would literally have nothing to do if it were ever solved, and so it won’t be. It’s too valuable an issue to exploit. It’s too valuable an issue that can be used to shake people down. It’s too valuable a political issue. So all of this conflict and all of this strife has become part of the system, and we are all victimized by phonies telling us they have the answer and the solution when that’s the last thing they’re interested in.

I think this also frustrates people, because it’s common sense that all of these things dividing the country are happening in perpetuity with no real desire to solve them. So people want to take matters into their own hands. So they keep electing candidates they think are gonna be different, take different approaches to things, and that’s one of the reasons that Trump was elected is because he had a different solution to every problem we’ve been talking about. The solution, actually, if that ever happened, would be genuinely beneficial to the American people.

Which is unique and is a standout from most other solutions that people have to put up with in terms of listening to the endless debate on — pick the issue — racial strife, labor versus management. Doesn’t matter what it is. Middle East peace? The strife has become too profitable. It’s become too valuable to a lot of people’s careers and so forth. So I’m just saying that it’s refreshing. I don’t care if it was a leak that made it happen. It’s refreshing to hear Jared Kushner say, “There may be no solution to the conflict in the Middle East.”

There isn’t! Not the way we’ve been going about it. Where’s the evidence that the way we’ve been going about it for the last 50 years has a solution? There isn’t any, not a shred. Because you’re never gonna convince one side to quit and give up. Can I give you the best evidence ever? Bill Clinton was so desperate to be seen as the president who brought peace to the Middle East, he offered Yasser Arafat everything Arafat was demanding and threw in some goodies. What did Arafat do? He canceled his trip. He didn’t want any part of it. Arafat didn’t want the solution.

He was given everything he had been demanding; he didn’t want it. He didn’t want the solution, didn’t want to end the strife. It’s never gonna happen. Kushner sees it. It’s a good thing. Well, then what is the solution? Maybe there isn’t one. Maybe certain things just are the way they are. Maybe there isn’t a solution. Maybe what “is” is just the way it is and you manage it. No, I would not say that about tax cuts or tax reform because there are genuine solutions there that have provable benefit-outcomes. But this, Middle East peace? I mean, it’s been going for thousands and thousands of years; everybody has been tackling it the identical way.

Nobody’s ever made any headway in it, not really. At some point you stop beating your head against the wall. Except they don’t. They continue to beat their heads against the wall and people profit from it and their careers advance on the basis of it. And we’re all misled that there is a solution out there. Kushner at least says that there isn’t.

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