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RUSH: Hey, hey, folks. So glad to have you here. Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network, starting our 30th year today. So that makes it the 29th anniversary, and the audience is growing. The audience is expanding. I cannot tell you how appreciative and grateful I am for all of you out there. I feel like I know you all.

If you want to send an email — lots of them today — it’s ElRushbo@eibnet.us. So many people are sending in congratulations, and I… You know, I could have set up an auto reply. But I don’t do that because it’s too impersonal, and it’s not possible to respond to all of them.

Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily.com (who I knew all way the back in Sacramento) has written a very nice piece that Drudge has linked to, and I need to send serious gratitude and thanks Joe Farah’s way for his great piece today. I’m totally appreciative of it, and I have never taken any of this for granted.

I’ve always felt that every day I have to come in here and exceed expectations in order to continue to earn this, and today is no different. I’m actually grateful for the way I was raised, ’cause I think that’s why I look at it this way.


RUSH: Thank you again, folks, for being with us today, as you are every day. Greatly, deeply appreciated. Never taken for granted. We look forward to every tomorrow, as I’m doing right now. Thanks again.

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