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RUSH: I appeared with Algore on Nightline all the way back in 1992, about climate change, global warming. So 1992, 26 years ago, 25 years ago.

But CNN last night did a town hall meeting ’cause Algore’s got a new propaganda movie and book promoting global warming and climate change. He has yet to be right about any prediction that he’s made. Twenty-five years ago he said we had ten years left, and if we didn’t take the necessary steps, it was over. And here we still are and there hasn’t been any significant warming, and sea levels are not rising.

There was even a guy in the CNN town hall last night that actually told Algore, “You know, I’ve been on Chesapeake Bay all these years and nothing’s happening out here.” We’ll hear this in the sound bites, but Algore happened to mention me which is why we’re gonna spend some time here. Here’s audio sound bite number one.

ALGORE: I find advice I got a long time ago is pretty good: Seek first to understand, try to find out where the person is coming from. If they’re, you know, running an internal teleprompter with something from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or something, then, you know, it may not be a time to get an opening. But if you just hang in there and try to figure out where they’re coming from, you sometimes can find ways to convince ’em. But again, as I said earlier, I think Mother Nature is more persuasive than any of us.

RUSH: I think I’m listening to Forrest Gore here, Forrest Gump. Anyway, I neglected to tell you he was asked a question by an unidentified audience member. “Mr. Algore, how do we convince the skeptics that climate change is scientifically real?” And that’s when he said, “Well, you know, if you’re talking to people with an internal teleprompter with something from Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, maybe you don’t want to work with those people. You need to wait for a different kind of person, different kind of opportunity.” And then he said, “But if you can’t do that, just wait for Mother Nature. Mother Nature is more persuasive than any of us.”

Well, I’ll tell you about Mother Nature and Algore. When he does a global warming lecture, guaranteed it’s gonna snow someplace, generally where he goes. It’s actually been kind of uncanny. I don’t want to repeat myself and relitigate everything I’ve always said here about climate change because you know all of that. I just want you to be aware that the left never lets go of this stuff. They have been promising, threatening, warning since 1980 on this. And intensely since 1985. And none of it has come to pass. And yet they swear by it.

Here’s their trick, just as Marxists use the disparity, economic disparity among people to lure them into believing and supporting socialism to get rid of the disparity, the unfairness, the inequality, if the left can convince voters that fighting global warming is tantamount to saving lives, then they position everybody as heroes. And if you listen carefully, you’ll note every leftist cause involves saving lives and involves Republicans and conservatives killing people!

In the case of climate change, we deniers are going to result in people being poisoned by dirty water and dirty air because we want that to happen. And people are gonna die from pollution from coal, whereas the left is going to save lives. The left’s hysteria over rigged computer models has a purpose: They want to be seen as fighting for the survival of the human race. Democrats want to be known as the sustainability party.

We have to remember, though, these are the people who created unsustainable national debt, unsustainable health insurance, health care, unsustainable college tuition and debt, unsustainable social welfare programs. Everything the left creates is unsustainable, it can’t go on. Everything they create will eventually implode because it can’t work as they designed it. Nothing they do is sustainable. That’s the great irony. But they claim to know how to sustain life as we know it.

All it takes is handing them control over markets, handing them control over education, handing them control over private property, handing them control over the climate and the environment. When they control everything, life on earth will continue. When they don’t, people will die. See how it works? They save lives; Republicans kill people.

So, to these people, to Algore and all the others, they are our betters. Fareed Zakaria GPS, the educated cosmopolitan sophisticates among us, they and they alone will be able to control earth’s temperature. It doesn’t matter if the sun gets hotter or colder, they will be able to accommodate. They will provide us jobs or a check, whichever we want. They will manage everything as well as the post office, the VA, the IRS, and our borders. Oh, that can’t be the focus. We have to get back to saving the planet. Saving the planet is where we really will save lives.

You see, to sustain life we have to put Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Algore, and Nancy Pelosi in charge of everything, otherwise everybody will die. And maybe throw Chuck Schumer in. They have all the answers to all the problems that have ever been created. All they want now is the opportunity to manage the climate. They’ve managed health care, they’ve managed retirement, managed college tuition, they have managed education, all these wonderful management techniques they now want to apply to the climate, which requires taxing everything they can see: fossil fuels, carbon. Because promising this is how you sustain life on earth, is better than defending abject failure.

Everything they have been handed control over is bottoming out. Everything they have been given control over is failing. Rather than focus on that, promising to save the planet and save lives is preferable to having to defend their abject failure everywhere. You talk about a big lie, does it get any bigger than claiming to know how to properly manage a planet’s climate? You ever think about why the left does not insist on the right to control China’s climate? If they’ve got all the answers, why aren’t they out there trying to control every nation’s climate, not just ours? It’s because China doesn’t need any help in controlling their population. They’ve already got that down pat. Nothing for the left to teach them.

Back to Algore. Climate change is “a matter of right and wrong” like civil rights. You see, now we’re gonna compare it to civil rights and racism and bigotry and eventually saving lives.

ALGORE: Well, it’s increasing rapidly, and we’ve seen that with all these technological advances —

RUSH: Wait. Stop that a minute. I forgot again to give the question. Anderson Cooper… Cue that back up at the beginning. The question here, Anderson Cooper says, “You know, you talk about solar a lot. Why does the U.S. only get about 1% of its electricity right now from solar, if it’s so great?”

ALGORE: Well, it’s increasing rapidly, and we’ve seen that with all these technological advances like the smartphones and so forth. We’ve seen it in politics also. Uh, when I was a boy growing up a lot of the time in the South, I remember when the civil rights movement was gaining momentum. I’ll tell you, the resistance to civil rights laws was just as fierce, if not more so than the resistance to solving the climate crisis.

RUSH: Are you kidding me?

ALGORE: But ultimately we saw the political tipping point and people realize, “Oh, it’s really a question of right and wrong.” Take the gay rights revolution.

RUSH: Oh, so now we’re gonna compare climate change to gay rights, which is also comparable to civil rights. Algore’s dad was a segregationist, wasn’t he? Algore’s dad, Southern Democrat, along with J. William Fulbright? These guys were opposed to the Civil Rights Act. So you see how this is done. He remembers the resistance to civil rights, and it’s just as fierce now, the resistance to solving the climate crisis.

Algore, what’s…? You know Algore’s house? This is a story in The Daily Caller. Do you know Algore’s house uses 34 times more electricity than the average U.S. home? Thirty-four times more than the average electricity, and yet nobody calls him on it. You know why? “Well, he’s entitled because he’s leading the movement, and he’s helping to illustrate the problem.” The hypocrisy here is just over the top and overwhelming.

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