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RUSH: Did you see this in the Washington Post? Here’s the headline: “59,000 Farmer Suicides in India Over 30 Years May Be Linked to Climate Change, Study Says — Every year thousands of Indian farmers…” We’re talking about the country of India not our Native American ancestors. “Every year thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide. Now one researcher,” and it makes the Washington Post. One idiot thinks that “it may have,” it might have, it could be (it could also be BS) “have something to do with climate change.

“Tamma Carleton, a researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, compared almost five decades worth of suicide and climate data and concluded that temperature variations in India may have ‘a strong influence’ on suicide rates during the growing season. … Carleton’s findings are particularly worrisome and come just two months after the Trump administration pulled out of the Paris climate accord…” (laughing)

This is absurd! So two months after Trump pulls out of Paris Agreement, some wacko from Berkeley comparing climate data temperatures and suicides concludes that there’s a link between farmer suicides in India to climate change and Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement. And the Washington Post makes a serious news story out of it! Next thing you know, we’re gonna get stories about fish in the caskets of the Indian farmers who committed suicide because sea level is rising in the middle of India.

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