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RUSH: Apparently, Ken Starr was on CNN earlier today. He took a break from selling cigarettes to kids. (chuckling) He said about the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation he really doesn’t want it to become “a fishing expedition.” Earth to Ken Starr: That’s all it is! That’s what it started out as, and it’s all that it can be because there isn’t any crime there, Mr. Starr. The special counsel shouldn’t even have been appointed. There’s no underlying crime, and so they’re trying to find one.

And in the process of trying to find a crime, they’re trying to trick somebody into obstructing their investigation. That’s what this is right now. I’ll tell you, with this grand jury now being impaneled, I’m gonna tell you something. For whoever they end up calling as witnesses, this is a very dangerous time. It’s a very dangerous time for Manafort. It’s a dangerous time for Flynn, who already has his own grand jury. You know, Mueller already had one for Flynn.

They’ve opened a second one here. It is a very, very dangerous time for Lewandowski, any of these people. Not to mention Trump. But these people have limitless money and limitless time, and apparently they have a limitless field. They can go anywhere. There’s not even a time limit on how far back they can go because none were given at the time Mueller was appointed. So Ken Starr says (paraphrased), “I really don’t want to see this become a fishing expedition.” That’s all it is, pure and simple.

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