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RUSH: There is a fascinating piece by Matthew Hennessey on Generation X. They’re the generation ahead of Millennials and now they’re about to lose everything to Millennials. If they don’t get their acts in gear Millennials are gonna roll ’em over and crush ’em and destroy the world as they know it. That’s how distinct the difference in the generations are.

And that’s a subject that fascinates me anyway, but this story is particularly good. It’s actually not a story. It prints to six pages. But I, your noted host, am a great editor, and I can synthesize this down to its essence. I’m not gonna have to share all six pages with you.


RUSH: You know, I have a story here, folks, that I was actually gonna save until tomorrow because I’m not gonna have time to get into this in detail. “Generation X Needs to Save America From Millennials.” It’s a fascinatingly interesting piece to me. But I’m gonna need more time than I have in this remaining half hour to do it justice, and there’s a companion story here, and you people are gonna have tell me if it’s right, ’cause I don’t have children, kids. So this is Greek to me.

“Before your son or daughter starts using a credit card,” this in the New York Post, by the way, “make sure he or she understands that a credit card could be a weapon of self-destruction. That’s because a new survey found that ‘Millennials’ knowledge of credit cards is lacking’ and ‘very concerning.’ A few Millennials — people born in the last decades of the 20th century — actually believe that missing a card payment would ‘improve’ their credit rating, the survey said.”

Now, how the hell does that happen? Who in the world would be telling people, “Oh, yeah, you want to improve your credit rating? Miss a payment or two! And then make sure you make it up and it will show that you are able to…” Is that how this works? Miss a payment or two and then make ’em up later to show that…? “‘It was only 6%, but it actually shocked us,’ said Mike Brown, a research analyst with LendEDU and the author of its Millennials & Credit Cards Survey. ‘They might think that by missing a payment they are gaming the system,’ he added.

“Seventeen percent said missing a card payment would have no effect on their score.” Now, these Millennials, I mean, they’re the smartest group around! I mean, these are the tech generation people. These are the super advanced. You know, it just goes to show. If that’s the case, Millennials can be up to 34 years old, folks. Basically, 18 to 20 to 34, 35, is the Millennial generation. Some of them think missing a credit card payment is a good thing? Some of them probably think that having your data stolen’s a good thing! I wonder how many of ’em. This is mind-boggling to me.

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