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RUSH: Let’s see, a “cease-fire” in an American city on a weekend. That’s not a joke, folks, it actually happened in Baltimore. A 72-hour truce. They spread the message: “Nobody kill anybody” because 200 people have been killed so far this year.

They tried to get some of the city’s toughest people to sign on thinking that would lead to a murder-free weekend. There were pro-peace events held all over the city. People held signs offering “free hugs”. I guess that’s better than no murders.

Tyrone Boyette took part. He said that at least the cease-fire let people in the community know that there’s hope. He said the killing won’t end, “but it’s a start.”

Well. Not everybody listened to the “Nobody-kill-anybody” message. The cease-fire was shattered, at least two people were murdered over the weekend.

Even so, Tyrone may be right.

This effort to restore a moral compass in Baltimore did not come from the same old politicians who have been blowing it and feeding off the city for decades. This came from the people themselves, the citizens, who are tired of living in danger and surrounded by violence. Finally they’re standing up and demanding better. And that is hopeful, especially in a Democrat stronghold where permission rules the roost.

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