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RUSH: A woman named Catherine Rampell, an opinion writer at the Amazon Prime-Washington Post, usually bashes Donald Trump. But this week, she urged her fellow liberals to rethink their core beliefs about business.

After saying she supports policies that are supposed to provide higher wages and more paid family leave, sick time, and overtime, she said, “Each of these policies has the potential to make workers more costly to hire. Cumulatively, they almost certainly do.”

She admitted what happened when Seattle raised their minimum wage to $13 an hour. Workers ended up with smaller paychecks as business owners cut back their hours. She said: “A lefty ‘pro-labor’ platform might actually encourage firms to hire less labor.”

Whoa! Then Miss Rampell went where liberals rarely go.

She criticized an Obama regulation that forced businesses to pay overtime to more employees. Trump’s Labor Department is revising it so it won’t impact businesses nearly as hard. She writes: “As strange as it feels to say something nice about policies being pursued by the Trump Administration, this might be a better approach.”

Wait a minute, Trump might be right? Rampell’s fellow progressives must be furious with her. To liberals, businesses only exist to give employees benefits, health care, and wages. Companies concerned with profits, why, that’s unacceptable. They’re just greedy.

Miss Rampell, I don’t know how you got this past your editors with this. I hope you still have a job. Welcome home. Yes.

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