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RUSH: I’ve had some of my friends today say, “You know, it’s the first day that I would not want to have your job.”

I said, “Really? Why?”

“Because I couldn’t say what I really think.” I had four or five people tell me this today.

And I said, “Well, sit by, stand by, let me show you how it’s done.”

Telephone number, if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882, and if you want to send an email, it’s ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

What’s that? No, no, no, I’m telling you that Barack Obama invited Black Lives Matter to the White House and honored them after Ferguson and after Baltimore. You’re not supposed to mention that, but there were two sides to this thing.

I was talking to Mr. Snerdley today, and I have a serious question. I understand completely the need to condemn the Klan and these neo-Nazis and these white supremacists and these idiots. And I’m really interested in why these people are becoming this way, because I think there are answers that will tell us a lot. There are just too many young men with too much time on their hands and too much ill influence is over this country. I understand it.

It ticks me off these people exist. It ticks me off that we have to deal with neo-Nazis and people fascinated with this stuff, and white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan. But let’s remember something. They want to take down all these monuments. In fact, get this. Richmond, Virginia: “A Confederate heritage organization has asked Virginia for permission to hold a rally in September at the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond.”

After this weekend, after all of this, we have a Confederate group heritage organization that has asked for a permit to gather at the Robert E. Lee monument. Now, what do you think is going on here? The point is that it’s not just the neo-Nazis and it’s not just the white supremacists and it’s not just these groups, but there’s a whole other range of similar hate groups on the left that are just as guilty and are just as invasive and probably more violent.

And I asked Snerdley today, “Could somebody explain to me why in the world only one side here is being condemned?” And why when somebody dares mention that there was more than one side here, that person gets condemned? Let’s listen to the president’s statement on this, because this is the fuel that started this media fire and everything else, condemnation aimed at President Trump. This is Saturday afternoon in Bedminster, New Jersey. We have two bites that represent the president’s statement. Here’s number one.

THE PRESIDENT: We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence, on many sides, on many sides. It’s been going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. It’s been going on for a long, long time. And there’s no place in America. What is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives.

RUSH: So he did not single out the Nazis and he did not single out the white supremacists. He mentioned, as you heard there, many sides, both sides, many sides, hatred, bigotry, violence on many sides. It’s undeniably true. It’s undeniably true that there is hatred and bigotry and violence sponsored on both sides. All you have to do is revisit recent history and college campuses, or go to Ferguson, Missouri, or go to Baltimore Maryland, it is all over the place.

And let’s not forget this, either. Remember during the presidential campaign at Trump rallies we have learned that a guy named Robert Creamer, who visited the Obama White House over a hundred times and Obama — well, the Oval Office some 45 to 50 times. This guy admitted to hiring militant protesters to infiltrate Trump rallies as Trump supporters and then start causing violence. He proudly admitted it.

It was a Project Veritas video. He admitted that he was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. So we know this happens on both sides. It undeniably happens on both sides. We also know that most of this stuff is instigated primarily by one side. And yet that side I guess is to never be mentioned. In order for Trump to have passed this test, he was only supposed to condemn one side in this dispute. And he didn’t do that. Very obviously, Trump was supposed to condemn the white supremacists. He was supposed to condemn the Nazis and stop. But he didn’t. Here’s the second part of the statement.

THE PRESIDENT: We have to come together as Americans with love for our nation and true affection and really — and I say this so strongly — true affection for each other. Our country is doing very well in so many ways. We have so many incredible things happening in our country. So when I watch Charlottesville, to me it’s very, very sad. Above all else, we must remember this truth: No matter our color, creed, religion, or political party, we are all Americans first. We love our country; we love our God; we love our flag; we’re proud of our country.

RUSH: May as well not have mattered. You know why. It’s very obvious to me what they’re after here. And to illustrate I want to bring back a story that some of you might remember from my fertile memory. I believe it was the first term of George W. Bush, and there was a White House press conference, a presidential press conference, the first that had been taken in a while. And a theme developed before the press conference began.

The theme was the media was going to ask Bush to admit that he had made mistakes. Not specific mistakes; just admit that he had made mistakes. The media coverage of Bush up at that point was he’s an idiot, a lot of things had gone wrong, the Iraq war, this kind of thing. And the press conference went on for 35 minutes, and every reporter, every reporter who got a question led off, “But will you admit you’ve made mistakes?” They wanted Bush to admit that he was responsible for what the media said was going wrong.

Same thing here. The media and the left want Donald Trump to condemn all of these groups, the white supremacists and the Nazis, because they want to tie him to them. They want to tie Trump to what is known as the Alt-Right, which I guess is made up of these neo-Nazis and the white supremacists and so forth. But there’s a similar group on the left. They are violent, they are intimidating, and they are very violently active, and they instigate things. They travel. They are bought and paid for in many cases. They, I guess, are not to be mentioned.

We don’t mention them because I guess they’re made up of minority groups and, as such, their actions are either valid or are to be understood, but the lunatics on the right are just that. Do you know what Reuters did today? Reuters stylebook refuses their reporters permission to use the word “terrorism” in any story about militant Islam or a genuine terror attack nowhere in the world at Reuters. It’s forbidden. They called this action “terrorism” five times in a story. So they’ve been willing to broom their own stylebook, which, again, is illustrative of what is really happening here.

Sheryl Gay Stolberg at the New York Times tweeted the following: “A few rapid thoughts from Charlottesville. Number one, striking how many of the white nationalists were young people, almost entirely men.” Her second tweet: “The hard left seemed as hate-filled as the Alt-Right. I saw club wielding Antifa beating white nationalists being led out of the park.” So here’s an acknowledgment from the media, from the New York Times, that there was an equal amount of hate from the left in this incident.

And then this in the Washington Post by David Weigel — believe me, who is nowhere near the right side of the aisle. Headline: “Fear of ‘Violent Left’ Preceded Events in Charlottesville.” I had to have three people read this to make sure that I wasn’t missing something in this. “On Saturday afternoon, shortly before her camera captured a car plowing through left-wing activists in Charlottesville, killing one and injuring more than a dozen others, Faith Goldy warned that the left was spinning out of control.”

“‘Hundreds and hundreds of Antifa, weird BLM [Black Lives Matter] idiots dressed like clowns,’ said Goldy… ‘This is okay, as long as you’re not the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right wasn’t allowed to demonstrate any show of force.’ As if on cue, activists began chanting ‘black lives matter’ in the background of Goldy’s shot. ‘Chant BLM, and all of a sudden the cops don’t care!’ she said. ‘Where are the riot police now?'” Well, the riot police were told to stand down. Somebody had to tell the riot police to stand down.

In New York City, NYPD officials said this would have never been allowed to happen in New York. The riot police would have never let these two groups get anywhere near each other. They would not have allowed an automobile to get anywhere near any of this. There would have been barricades and the New York PD says, “We would…” Now, hindsight, I know, is always 20/20, but the NYPD people are speaking in terms of policy. And when you had a volatile situation like this they would have never let these two groups get together.

But in Charlottesville the police stood down. Why? A lot of this stuff I say to you doesn’t make sense. I understand this, I know you do too but on the surface doesn’t make sense. Who would order the cops to stand down and why? This has become the latest story and the latest excitement that animates and energizes the Get Rid of Trump movement in the Washington establishment and in the media — and if you think this issue’s gonna fade away after today, you have another thing coming.

This is about violence between two hate groups with no association with Donald Trump or the Republican Party, but the media is doing everything it can to associate the Nazis and the skinheads and the white supremacists with not just Trump, but the Republican Party. That’s why the Republican Party, everybody in it ran to the microphones and condemned it. They did everything, ’cause they know that if they don’t go out and say that, the Drive-Bys and everybody else on the left are gonna do everything they can to associate this with the Republican Party.

When the fact remains that on the line of ideological trace, both of these groups are extreme leftists. The Nazis were not on the right of anything, and white supremacists are not on the right of anything. All of these groups are to the left of center. But the Republican Party knows that they had to come out and condemn this or else, which takes me back to Trump’s statement. Now, somebody besides Trump had input in this statement, and you have to ask yourself:

Was there nobody in the White House comms office who knew that the statement that Trump made was going to cause this? Is there nobody who knew this? Somebody in that comms office had to know that a statement like this was going to provide fodder for exactly what is happening now. (interruption) What do you mean, what would I have done different? Name the names! If you’re gonna go out, instead of condemning all sides or both sides, say it!

Condemn the Nazis! Condemn the neo-Nazis and the white supremacists and then condemn Black Lives Matter. Condemn all of them. They’re all reactionary fringe groups on the left. The problem is, folks, that the left-wing fringe groups are being portrayed as mainstream. Not just this weekend, but from their outset. Left-wing protest groups are portrayed as mainstream — and, in fact, they’re portrayed as justified because their grievances date back to the founding of the country. And their outrage is understandable.

We must take every step we can to understand it. Okay, get somebody in the comms office who understands how to write and give a statement here that is going to limit this kind of reaction, although I think they would have found a way to come at Trump no matter what he had said. Let’s say he had done my idea. Say he identifies the neo-Nazis and identifies the white supremacists by using those terms, but then identifies the left-wing groups by name, too. He would still come under attack for being judgmental of the left-wing groups.

I understand that. It pains me to see all of this. It pains me, because I understand exactly what’s behind all this. Charlottesville is Ferguson. Charlottesville is Baltimore. It’s going to be used as an excuse for the media to smear their political enemies. Trump first, conservatives second, Republicans third. But this incident has nothing to do with Trump, it has nothing to do with the Republican Party, and it has nothing to do with conservatism.

What it does have to do with is a minority of sick people drawn to sick fringe groups. White supremacists and the Nazis and the extremist far-left Antifa deserve each other. They’re bound by hate. They’re both bound by racism, yet pretend they have nothing in common. By all means investigate what happened in Charlottesville. Who were the organizers? Who funded them? Nothing would surprise me with the Antifa. I want to know.

I want an in-depth investigation of just what happened and who these people are because we already know how these people operated during the Republican primaries at Trump rallies. We know they were bought and paid for and they were trained by a guy named Robert Creamer who is married to a Democrat member of Congress. George Soros is in the mix as well. (whispering) But you’re not supposed to say any of this today. No, you can’t say this today. Today is reserved for 100% condemnation of Trump and his association with these right-wing — so-called right-wing fringe groups.


RUSH: You know, folks, togetherness, these two groups — the fringe, the Nazis, the white supremacists, and the Black Lives Matter and that crowd on the left. It seems to me that bringing these two sides together shouldn’t be that hard.

ANNOUNCER: Why are you two guys fighting when both of you have so much in common?


BLM LEFTIST: Like what?

ANNOUNCER: Well, white supremacists don’t like Jews, and leftists hate Israel.



ANNOUNCER: Progressives hate the Catholic Church, and so do the Klan members.



ANNOUNCER: Neither one of you really cares if poor African-American kids make it at school or not.

BLM LEFTIST: They should all be in government schools!

WHITE SUPREMACIST: With their own kind.

BLM LEFTIST: To avoid white privilege.


ANNOUNCER: And did you know Nazi party members were not just fascists, they were also committed socialists?

BLM LEFTIST: I guess I can at least meet you halfway, then.

WHITE SUPREMACIST: Me, too, brother!

ANNOUNCER: Doesn’t it feel good to get along?

BLM LEFTIST: Absolutely.

WHITE SUPREMACIST: Well (pause), I reckon.

ANNOUNCER: Great! Then why don’t you two guys just get the hell out of town?

WHITE SUPREMACIST: Okay. W-w-we’re going.

BLM LEFTIST: But we’ll be back!

WHITE SUPREMACIST: Protesting you.

BOTH: Together!


RUSH: They’ve got more in common than they know. Anyway, still no statement from President Trump. Supposed to name the KKK and neo-Nazi groups.


RUSH: Here’s Doug McKelway. He’s at Fox. This is from yesterday afternoon on Fox News, his report about his experience at the protest in Charlottesville on Saturday.

MCKELWAY: People are intent on causing havoc and causing damage and even as wounded were brought out of the park, the police were standing idly by. I was standing by a cordoned off area where the police had set up as a staging area — the state police — and they said you can come in here, this is a safe area. But when the tear gas started to fly — thrown by protesters — the police themselves began to evacuate that. I asked the guy who was in charge, I said, “Where are you going?” He said, “We’re leaving. It’s too dangerous.” They had an opportunity to nip this thing in the bud and they chose not to.

RUSH: “Chose not to,” hich leads me to ask a question: Who wanted this to happen? And I firmly believe there’s an answer to that, and I would hope that an investigation would uncover that information because this need not have happened. Somebody thinks, somebody thought they would benefit from this, just like somebody thought they would benefit from Ferguson, just like somebody or some people thought they would benefit from Baltimore.

Somebody thought they would benefit from this. That’s why this happened. The cops let it happen. Somebody told them to stand down. I don’t believe that a police force in unison chickened out and ran for the tall grass once the protesters started throwing tear gas. There are just a lot of unanswered questions about this. The media wants it to be a certain way, and so that’s their narrative. The media narrative is that a bunch of skinhead, neo-Nazi, Klan members decided to march in Virginia in protest of removing Civil War statues such as Robert E. Lee.

And then some very peaceful, progressive, anti-bigot and anti-racist mainstream Americans showed up to protest the people who wanted to defend Civil War monuments and the deranged Klan and the white supremacists then started killing the peaceful, progressive, average, ordinary American citizens. That is the narrative that the media wants everybody to believe. In fact, there were two opposite, opposing, warring factions: Those made up of the Nazis and skinheads and the white supremacists and the Antifa. It’s short for “anti-fascists.”

These are the people that show up everywhere. Every global summit, every meeting of anyone is gonna be attracting any major media attention, this group and the anarchists show up and they start setting things on fire and they’ve been doing it since the sixties. And they’re bought and paid for. They showed up in Ferguson. They showed up in Baltimore. They showed up in Seattle over the weekend! They are not people who are sitting around minding their own business watching baseball on Saturday afternoon who then learn that the Nazis are coming to town and decide to get up off the couch and go protest it.

Nobody like that was involved in this. Two supreme fringe groups. The difference is that Republicans are supposed to condemn all of the skinheads and the neo-Nazis and the white supremacists while Barack Obama invites the left-wing groups to the White House and honors them, people like Black Lives Matter. Now, I know we’re not supposed to compare presidents, and I know we’re not really supposed to try to illustrate the hypocrisy because it never works. So I won’t mention Barack “My Grandmother’s a Typical White Person” Obama and his meetings with Robert Creamer at the White House.

Robert Creamer is the man who was hiring protesters to go disrupt Donald Trump rallies during the presidential campaign. He was paying them! He was hiring professional protesters and the homeless, anybody they could go to go to Trump rallies and pretend to be Trump supporters beating up on people in there as well as protesters of Trump. Creamer is a convicted felon who was caught up in a pair of sting operations. He visited the White House 342 times, according to Obama’s records, including several visits to the family residence and the Oval Office.

Robert Creamer was caught on one hidden camera video discussing ways to commit large-scale voter fraud and talking in another about paying liberal activists to start fights and otherwise disrupt Donald Trump rallies. Oh, and I know we’re not supposed to mention the guy that attempted to assassinate a bunch of House Republicans who were engaging in baseball practice also in Virginia. We’re not supposed to mention that — and when we do, supposed to understand he might have been psychologically disturbed and might not have been all there.

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