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RUSH: Kim Jong-un has backed down from his promise or threat to eliminate Guam, to erase Guam, to wipe Guam off the map. Another guy who didn’t want to appease anybody. He wanted to wipe Guam off the map. Actually, I don’t think any of that was ever true, either. But with a madman like this, you have to deal with the possibility.

So guess what’s happening? Guess who’s getting the credit for this one? (interruption) Well, yeah, the ChiComs, but Mad Dog Mattis. The media is crediting Mad Dog Mattis because Mad Dog told Kim Jong-un, “Pal, if you do this, then there are going to be responses in kind,” and Kim Jong-un backed down. But Kim Jong-un said, “You Yankees, you Yankees, don’t think this means anything, because I’m just gonna be thinking about it harder!

“I’m gonna take the time. I’m gonna be watching you, Yankees.” So we’re supposed to be quaking in our boots here as that little odd haircut supposedly ponders what’s going on. We are now told also (laughing) this poor little guy himself is a victim! Do you know that it has been recently discovered that he’s been taking steroids and therefore we might not have seen the real Kim Jong-un in the past six months? He might have been experiencing what’s called ‘roid rage. I’m not kidding! I’m not making it up!

I don’t make anything up! Everything I tell you, I saw somewhere in the news. Some of it I print out; some of it I don’t. I didn’t print this out. I read it. It’s in the voluminous Stack of Stuff that I read between last night and this morning. The reason that it matters to me is ’cause there’s one reason Kim Jong-un backed off and it’s Donald Trump, who will not be given credit for anything. It is Donald Trump who told you who told this guy what-for. It’s Donald Trump who practically begged this guy to hit Guam and everybody in Washington said, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God, he’s begging him! Oh, he’s… he’s… Oh!”

You remember this?

“He’s insulting Kim Jong-un! Oh, no! He just told Kim Jong-un to go to hell. Oh, no, he just called Kim Jong-un crazy! Oh, no!” In the left’s view of things, that’s gonna make Kim Jong-un really offended and really mad and he’s gonna launch. They do not understand. You know, Rex Tillerson said, “Back off! Trump is just talking the language they understand,” and Kim Jong-un has backed off, and the last person you’re gonna see get any credit for it is Trump. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Grab number 11 and number 12.

This is John Berman. Oh, I forgot to tell you something — and, Cookie, don’t bother giving me the bite. I’m getting backed up here as it is. In that segment where I played the sound bite from Michael Eric Dyson (or Eric Michael Dyson, whatever), where he went on about how cerebral Obama is and what a pig-idiot Trump is, there was somebody else. There was a Republican or conservative guest. It’s a Trump supporter, and I’m having a mental block on the guy’s name. He’s from Utah, and he’s a good Trump proponent, defender, supporter since the primaries.

He acknowledged during this debate that the Nazis are bad people, that the Klan are bad people, and Kate Bolduan thanked the guy for being courageous enough to admit on CNN that he finds the Nazis and the KKK repugnant. It was no different than Algore in a vice presidential debate in 1996. Bob Dole was our nominee, and he had chosen Jack Kemp to be his veep, and Algore was the sitting veep for Bill Clinton, and they had a debate, and Algore stands there and says, “Now, Jack, you’re not like the rest of your party. You’re not a racist and you’re not a bigot.”

Kemp said, “Thank you, Mr. Vice President.” Well, this guy … I didn’t even hear what he said. I heard Kate Bolduan — who was the infobabe who was hosting the segment — did pretty much the same number on this guy that Algore did on Jack Kemp. She singled him out for the guts and the courage to actually speak out against the Nazis and the KKK. And then she said, “See? It wasn’t so hard, was it? See, we can all do that. If we would all do this, see how much better off we would be?” She was preaching, she was condescending, and it was the end of the segment.

The poor guy didn’t have a chance to react because she had just responded here to this Eric Dyson guy who had been talking about Obama’s brilliance. I’m saying, “Gee whiz!” Well, anyway, her coanchor sometimes is a guy named John Berman. He used to work with Alisyn … No, Fredo works with Alisyn Camerota. This guy… Maybe it is Kate. Doesn’t matter. He’s on at 11 o’clock in the morning, I think. They float the times. This was this morning, CNN’s Newsroom, and this is this guy John Berman talking about Kim Jong-un announcing that he’s decided, for now, not to attack Guam.

BERMAN: He blinked. He seemed to blink right here. Kim Jong-unbelievable. North Korea backs down.

RUSH: Okay, now I need to ask you: Does he sound disappointed? I want you to listen to this again. “Kim Jong-unbelievable! Oh, no, the guy backed down!” I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you people in the audience, because I could be misjudging this. But my interpretation is that they’re a little disappointed. The disappointment is not anything other than Trump wins. They just can’t abide it, and Trump is not gonna be given credit for Kim Jong-un backing down. The Chinese are gonna get credit. But why are the Chinese doing what they’re doing? Donald Trump!

What the Chinese have stopped doing… The Chinese have told the Norks, “We’re not gonna import any of your worthless crap! No more your coal. No more your seafood.” Would you eat North Korean seafood? No way! Of course, if you’re the ChiComs and you’re starving, you probably would. But the ChiComs told the Norks, “None of your coal and none of your fish. None of your exports. Except the stuff that’s currently in transit, we’ll take it. Nothing. No exports. We’re not gonna take it.” So the Norks… Plus, Nikki Haley gets credit for this because she put together this pressure group in the U.N. to force sanctions on the Norks that the ChiComs went along with.

This is all Trump. This would have never happened. Obama could have never pulled this off. It was Obama and Clinton who basically stood aside while North Korea nuked up with American technology. Donald Trump made this happen. But he’s not gonna get the credit for it. He did it by talking tough and not trying to appease and not trying to, you know, hold his little guy’s hands and walk him through the dangerous woods. He warned him in no uncertain terms, “You’re not gonna like it if you launch on Guam, Kim.”

Here is Matt Lauer, Matt Lauer on the Today show today with Andrea Mitchell. Now, you tell me, are they disappointed or not?

LAUER: Breaking news overnight in the North Korea crisis. After reviewing his military’s plans to attack the U.S. territory of Guam, Kim Jong-un now says he’ll wait and watch before deciding to launch. Andrea Mitchell has more on this. Andrea, good morning to you.

MITCHELL: Good morning to you, Matt. I’ve been talking to officials overnight, and they are discounting those reports; that Kim Jong-un has blinked, if you will.

RUSH: Oh! Okay. So Trump didn’t do anything, and Mad Dog Mattis didn’t do anything, and the ChiComs’ actions don’t mean anything. He hasn’t backed down. (impression) “My sources in the State Department say he hasn’t backed down. Trump didn’t do anything! Nothing to see here, Matt. Let’s move on and see how Megyn Kelly’s show is gonna do.”

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