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RUSH: You know what this feels like to me? The cultural revolution of Mao Tse-tung when the Chinese became the ChiComs. This is exactly what it was like: “You will conform, and you will love it. You not only will conform, you will love it — and if you don’t, kablooey! It is to the work camps for you or to the reeducation jail for you — and if you don’t get it after that, then it’s dog doo-doo for food for you until you do get it.” Let me ask a simple question, ladies and gentlemen. You know, I can’t help it. I’m logical.

I can’t help it! That’s the way I think. I’m the mayor of Realville. I’m looking at the media, and I’m watching various… I did watch some TV last night, and I found out why I stopped. Boy, you talk about… I just was blowing up last night. I don’t like being mad. I tell myself, “You don’t have to be mad anymore, Rush, you’re 66!” I can’t help it. I get mad. It’s a good sign, probably. I’m watching TV, and I’m reading a lot of so-called conservative publications and blogs and websites, and if I didn’t know better… Well, no. I don’t have to qualify this.

I’m being told, you’re being told that Donald Trump does not want to tick off the Nazis or the Klan or the white supremacists, because that’s his base. Right? And he’s got to acknowledge ’em. He can’t make ’em mad. Why not? Well, because that’s who elected him. Do you realize how asinine that is, folks? Do you realize how literally stupid and dumb that line of thinking is? How many members of the Ku Klux Klan are there?

And subtract one with the death of Robert Byrd, Democrat senator from West Virginia. How many members of the Klan are there? I happen to know the number. How many neo-Nazis are there in the United States? How many registered neo-Nazis, and how many white supremacists? Do you actually think…? I’m asking all of you in this audience. Do you actually think that the people who elected Donald Trump are the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazis, and white supremacists? Is that who elected him?

Because that’s what your media is telling you, and that’s what many in your conservative media are joining with the left in saying that Trump is doing all this because Trump is trying to accommodate these wacko right-wingers ’cause that’s who voted for him, and he can’t afford to lose ’em. Or — get this, I forget who said it — that Trump will take the support of anybody who loves him. “He’s so desperate to be loved, and if the Nazis love him, you will not ever hear him condemn them.” Except that he has! He’s condemned the Nazis! He condemned the bigots.

He condemned the white supremacists and the Klan — and, you know, Trump when he was flirting with the presidency originally back in 2000 with the Reform Party, you know why he quit the Reform Party? Because David Duke joined it. He quit the Reform Party because Pat Buchanan joined it. You know, this is the party that Perot started back in 1992, or at least was founded around Perot, and Trump was flirting with a presidential bid back in 2000, 2004, whenever it was, and he quit the party the moment the Klan got their hands in it.

There is no history of Donald Trump associating with the Klan. None whatsoever. But beyond that, people are saying that Trump is insensitive and he’s boorish and he’s a pig, and now he’s sympathetic to all of these extreme right-wing groups ’cause that’s who elected him. Okay, how many members of the Klan are there, folks? Have you Wikipedia’d this yet? The number is 200,000 tops. Tops! How many white supremacists are there? Where do they live? How do you campaign for them? Where do you get their votes? Where are they registered and how do you reach them in a campaign?

And now the Nazis, the neo-Nazis, where are they? How many of them are there? Add all three of these groups. How many people are we talking about, and we’re told these are the people that elected Trump? It’s not possible, folks. It simply isn’t possible, and therefore the idea that Trump refuses to criticize them even though he has? The media says he didn’t mean it on Monday, so they’re not letting him credit for criticizing. “He didn’t really mean it in his press conference Monday.

“He showed that he won’t criticize ’em, ’cause he likes them, ’cause he needs them.” So now you’re being lied to and told that Donald Trump is president because the Klan, the Nazis, and the white supremacists are his base, and that’s why he will not condemn them. Please don’t tell me you buy into that. Please. Please don’t tell me that you have bought that. Okay, let’s go back to the phones. Here is Diane in Oklahoma. Welcome. Great to have you on the program. How are you doing?

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I am a great admirer of yours. My husband and I both really admire you, and we appreciate your statesmanship, your ability — God-given — to reason and articulate. Thank you for being my voice, our voice. I too was born in 1951. Good year.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: In 1987, I first heard you. I had the radio on during my lunch break in the car, and I thought, “Oh, brother. Another brash, loudmouth, bombastic idiot liberal talk show host.”

RUSH: Liberal!

CALLER: And then suddenly I stopped and I listened, and I thought, “My gosh, he’s a brash, loudmouth, bombastic, non-idiot conservative talk show host,” and I have seldom missed your show since then.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: We’re 24/7 members, and… Anyway, we are really appreciate everything that you helped us to learn. In my early adulthood, I learned about revisionist history. I read original William Bradford writings. I’m thrilled with your children’s series, Rush Revere. I’ve lived and worked in China, and every time stuff like this comes up, I just think, “If only Americans would read the history of China and Mao Tse-tung and what he did.” I have a lot of Chinese-American friends who came here from China, and they’re Trump supporters simply because they said, “You know, we see what the Democrats and the liberals are doing, and it’s very much Mao-like.” Just listening to you today, I agree that this is not innocent on the liberal side.

RUSH: There’s a “but” coming in all of this, isn’t there? There’s a “but” coming, right?

CALLER: No, because I’ve been listening fourth to you, and I’m just thinking, “Man, we have revisionists, not just history. We got revisionist current event spinners every day in the media.” The only thing, as I was listening in the last couple of days, I did have to come to the conclusion that — and my husband and I discussed it. If we had been there, we would have quickly found a news reporter — though they probably wouldn’t have reported it. But we would have removed ourselves as very fine people, and I do see what you’re saying and I’ve listened more closely —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold it. Why would you have removed yourselves?

CALLER: Because at that point I think we would have been identified with what was being promoted from the white supremacists and from the neo-Nazis, and we don’t identify with that in anyway.

RUSH: Wait a second, Diane. This was not a Trump rally. Do you understand that?


RUSH: There would have been no reason why you would have gone there. There isn’t a Trump rally. It’s not a conservative rally. It was a rally on the part of people who got a permit. They oppose statues being torn down. They oppose the attempt to erase aspects of American history.

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

RUSH: And you’re telling me that had you been there, you would have split the scene the first Nazi sign that you saw, the first swastika?

CALLER: No. As soon as I saw what was happening, I would have split the scene, absolutely.

RUSH: Well, what do you think happened that would have caused you to split the scene?

CALLER: Violence. And that would have been violence on either side.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Now, also, this is so funny because we have very few what I would call liberal friends. I mean, we just don’t. We just don’t run in those circles. But there are people in our lives that we dearly love, my niece and then two godchildren, 21 and 18. Great niece, actually. But they’re very liberal. They’ve been, you know, schooled in what kids are being schooled in, and so for the first time I’m trying to listen to their articulations. I mean, they’re getting fed the regular —

RUSH: How old are they?

CALLER: — the internet media, the Yahoo media, all that, they’re being fed that every day.

RUSH: How old are they?

CALLER: Well, the niece is 45, but the young ones are 21 and 18.

RUSH: Okay. All right. So you are — (interruption) Hey, Brian, our little iPhone here just got a FaceTime call. Ha-ha. The private iPhone that we use for broadcast purposes just got a — I’m gonna tell ’em I do not want to answer it, all right. We actually use this for the Dittocam. So for the first time you are sensitive to what they think?

CALLER: Yeah. Because I love them so much.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: You know, when you have a personal love —

RUSH: Okay. Let’s cut to the chase. What do you mean by all of this? ‘Cause I really am out of time now, but I want to stick with you, find out what your point is. You’ve had a long setup here to what I know is a point you want to make to me that you’re tiptoeing up to. Just hit me between the eyes with it. Let me have it, Diane.

CALLER: Because I’ve been listening to you since I first called in, I think you very clearly said that Trump was not saying that there are very fine people in the white supremacist movement or in the neo-Nazi movement, but that’s what’s being portrayed, that’s what these young people are hearing, and that’s what all the liberals are hearing, and that’s all they hear.

RUSH: Okay, but in the case of your niece, your great niece, and your nephew, do you tell them they’re wrong, or do you not, because you love them and you might find it pointless to try. How do you deal with this? You say you’re more open to what they think. But what if they’re wrong in your estimation and you love them and you don’t want to them to be wrong, you want them to see the truth, do you tell them?

CALLER: I do think they give me time and they listen. I appreciate that so much. In fact, he just bought a new iPhone, well, it’s an iPhone 6, but new for him, I just thought, gosh, all you’d have to do is get something from Rush and you’d probably listen to him for a while. He did do the Constitution 101 and 102 as Hillsdale College at my request, so he is not a totally closed-minded young man.

RUSH: Well, that’s good. That’s good. Your effort and your time spent is worth it. Well, look, Diane, I’m glad you called. I have to take a break because, as I said, I’m way long here. I appreciate it.


RUSH: Jeff in Dover, Florida, welcome, sir. It’s great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Rush, what an honor. Twice in my lifetime. If my father were still here with us, I know I would be getting a call. “Son, was that you on the phone with Rush Limbaugh? People wait all their lives to talk to him.”

RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: Rush, I had a point I’d like to make. If Democrats want to erase history and to try to take away who was what in history, we need to look at the fact that it was Democrats that were the KKK. Democrat senators like Robert Byrd and Algore Sr. need to have their names removed from every street, every building — everything, anything on a military base that deals with anybody in the Democratic Party. Because if they want to go back to history, Rush, with Thomas Jefferson, you have to go back in history to where it all started. What party started it all? What party opposed the freedom for slaves? What party opposed the right of those slaves to vote? What party opposed the right of women to vote, and what party in a larger majority actually opposed the civil rights of everyone in the sixties? What party caused the harm and the damage to the people of the sixties? They were all Democrats, Rush. They were not Republicans.

RUSH: And a socialist-communist assassinated JFK, and the Democrats started the Vietnam War.

CALLER: Yes, sir, and then Richard Nixon got the blame for the Vietnam War when he was the one who wanted to finish it to get us off it — and finish it the correct way instead of the political way the Democrats ran the war.

RUSH: I remember that. I remember that. “Peace with honor.” Yeah. Now, look, here’s something may surprise you. It may surprise you. Some of these people on the left are indeed so wacko that they don’t care. Their loyalty, some of these people, is not too the Democrat Party. Some of these people, if they find out that Algore’s dad was in the same ballpark as some of these other people, they’ll go for him. Now, the leaders of the movement would probably trying to get a handle on that. In West Virginia, do you realize you’d have to rename practically every highway?

Do you know how many things in West Virginia are named for Robert Byrd? And Robert Byrd was a grand Kleagle. He was a recruiter for the KKK. Now, he ended up renouncing it. They even let him use the N-word on a Sunday show ’cause he was a Democrat and he didn’t mean it in a bad way. But if you start doing this this, that’s what Trump was asking, once you start this, where does it stop.

How about the Russell B. Long Senate office building? Do you know who Russell B. Long was? Well, he’s another one of these segregationist Democrats from the glory days of the Democrat Party in the fifties and sixties in the South. And his name is all over Washington, D.C. You’re gonna have to rip his name off the number one Senate office building.

I mean, if they’re gonna go after George Washington, which they are saying they’re gonna do — look, Al Sharpton was on with Charlie Rose two nights ago on PBS and said in response to question that Charlie Rose did not disagree with, the Jefferson Memorial should be taken down. I mean, you can’t rename it, ’cause it went up as the Jefferson Memorial. Take it down. And Charlie Rose did not disagree.

So if you’re gonna go after the founders, Jefferson and Washington, which I have no doubt this group is gonna do. Folks, which group does not like this country, and it’s not just because of slavery. Slavery is a convenient entree for them, but they have grievances about this country that predate slavery and postdate slavery. Their real objection to this country is individual liberty and freedom. These people want a massive of government, collectivist government that redistributes income under the premise of equality and fairness.

But the true authoritarians here are these people on the leftist protest march. These are the people demanding fealty. These are the people demanding, you will support gay marriage, and you will love it. You will support transgender bathrooms, and you will like it. It’s not enough that you do not oppose us, you must like it. You must agree with gay marriage. Whatever their cause is, it’s not enough that you don’t oppose it. You must like it. Cultural revolution stuff.

The authoritarianism that James Clyburn is worried about is on his side of the aisle, pure and simple. And all of these young protest marchers, whether they know it or not, are advocating for that very authoritarianism. They are advocating for the elimination of free speech, on the basis that they’re improving things. “Yes, well, we are going to eliminate speech that offends, Mr. Limbaugh, and we’re gonna eliminate speech that hurts. Nobody should have to hear things they don’t want to hear.”

And so limiting speech is presented as a great, great advancement. Limiting any other number of freedoms will be portrayed the same way, as advancing our sophisticated society. That’s what this is all about.

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