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RUSH: There’s only one story out there, and I’ve got more here that I can probably squeeze in, and I’m gonna make an effort to bring in other things. By the way, one story has nothing to do with this. Remember The Nation story we talked about last week where they did their own forensics investigation and they feel confident that the Democrat National Committee computers and networks and servers were not hacked but rather there was a big leak?

Well, there have been two other stories based on that story, both of which are expressing shock and dismay that the mainstream media’s not interested in it. I mean, The Nation is an accredited leftist publication. They’ve got evidence that there was no hack, that the Russians weren’t involved, that it was actually an inside job, a leak. Salon.com, Slate.com are wondering where the Drive-By Media is.

The Drive-By Media today showed up, the New York Times — and the New York Times is attempting to blow up The Nation story, to smear it, to suggest it has no credibility or credence. The Drive-Bys are not gonna let the Trump-Russia collusion story be blown up. Whether it’s true or not, they’re sticking with it. They’re too invested in it. They’re not gonna allow anybody — even a fellow liberal publication — to come blow it up.

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