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RUSH: “Federal Reserve Bank Atlanta is predicting massive economic growth for the third quarter,” this quarter that we’re in that ends in September. It’s 3.7% GDP being predicted by the Atlanta Fed. Now, during the Obama years we were never even above 2%. I think one or two quarters we exceeded 2%. The average rate of economic growth during the eight years of the Obama Regime was under 2%. When Trump presented the budget — which, when presidents submit a budget, it’s an outline because all budgets originate in House of Representatives in Congress.

But the White House has a budget and they try to get it passed and they work with Congress theoretically here to get as much of this they can. Anyway, Trump’s budget was forecasting economic growth of 3 to 5% and the media had a cow. Columnists had a cow. “This is so unrealistic! You can’t do this to people! You can’t promise economic growth of 3 to 5%. It’s not possible anymore!” I about had a cow over that. Obama forecast 6% economic growth every budget, folks. Never got to 2%. Now 3.7% is their projected growth rate this quarter.

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