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RUSH: Now grab soundbite number four. I want you to listen to a montage we’ve put together of the media digging up a bunch of self-hating Republicans who have to get on this train that the Republican Party’s racist, it’s been racist, and the party had better do something fast.

LAWRENCE WILKERSON: My Republican Party has racists all over it. Ever since Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” we’ve had that element to deal with.

LARRY KUDLOW: William F. Buckley … the John Birchers out of the conservative movement. Everybody in the Republican Party and the conservative party has to do likewise with this crazy group.

SOPHIA A. NELSON: I’ve been in the Republican Party a long time. The GOP has gone away from its roots. After the Nixon “Southern Strategy.”

STEVE SCHMIDT: “The Southern Strategy.” The dog whistles that have played out by too many Republican campaigns over the last 40 years.

MICHAEL STEELE: The problem is a political one for the Republican Party, because this taint is on your house too.

MARGARET HOOVER: It is specific to Republicans, because Republicans have a history, in modern American history in the twentieth century of too often being too close to that line of bigotry.

RUSH: You know what’s really the case here? All of these Republicans live and work in Washington, and they’ve believed the BS, the tripe that the media’s spewed out. Average, ordinary, everyday Republicans don’t even think this way, and yet listen to their so-called Republican leaders and the way they think of the party. They may as well just be media echo chambers. And they are, because it’s the media from whom they’re seeking favor, and Trump voters could not care less than that.


RUSH: I’m thinking about playing sound bite 4 again. I think this is profound what we just heard, but before that, I have three or four stories here. “Antifa Protesters Crash Heather Heyer’s Funeral.” This is the young woman that was run down by that lunatic in the car in Charlottesville. “A group of antifascist protesters armed with purple shields and bats showed up to the Wednesday funeral” or memorial of Heather Heyer. “Antifa decided to crash the funeral, according to the TheHill.com.”

This is not from Breitbart or whatever people might think is some tilted site. Not that Breitbart is. I’m just telling you what they think. “Anti-fascist activists have just shown up outside the theater with baseball bats and purple shields. … group now swarmed by reporters … honestly dumb to roll up with bats through a memorial service and expect that’s not what the media will focus on …” Tell me, have you seen this? Well, we just heard here the media saw it. TheHill.com was there, and there were cameras — reporters and cameras — and they had videotape of Antifa showing up at this memorial with bats.

Have you seen that video? I haven’t seen that video. They must be suppressing that, ’cause I haven’t seen it. Have you? (interruption) Really, I don’t watch TV at night, so help me out here. You haven’t seen…? (interruption) Okay. “Female Reporter for The Hill Allegedly Punched by ‘Antifa’ Protester in Charlottesville.” This story is five days ago. “A female reporter for the Hill was allegedly punched by an ‘Antifa’ protester in the wake of a deadly car attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday as she tried to film the ensuing chaos. …

“According to video given to DailyMail.com by [Taylor] Lorenz (who is a former reporter for the outlet), a nearby shirtless protester objects to her filming the resulting pandemonium and is heard asking her to stop filming. When she refuses to put her camera away, he appears to punch her and yells ‘stop fucking recording.’ Lorenz can be heard yelling as her phone hits the ground and…” So there’s a reporter here that got punched. Did you see news of this? I didn’t, either. But Antifa punched a female reporter. It sounds like violence to me.

The next one: “College Republicans Chapter President Attacked at Vigil for Woman Killed in Charlottesville — The president of a College Republicans chapter said he was attacked and choked by hard-left activists as he attended a vigil for the woman killed Saturday at the Charlottesville Unite the Right demonstration. Ithaca College student Caleb Slater wrote in a statement that masked members of Antifa assaulted him at a Syracuse event held on Sunday in memory of Heather Heyer…

“Slater said he was then grabbed by the shirt and thrown into the street. ‘This was NOT a blocked off road and cars were present. I could have gotten run over and they did not care,’ he wrote, adding, ‘Nobody came to help me.'” Wow. Three different stories of violence perpetrated on innocent people by Antifa protesters. I think somebody should have told all sides to stop the violence here. Oh, wait! Somebody did. “Politico Corrects False Report that Trump Referred to Alt-Right as ‘Us.'” Don’t for a minute think this was a mistake.

“Politico’s transcript of President Donald Trump’s remarks Tuesday at Trump Tower falsely claimed that he used the word ‘us’ to refer to the Alt-Right movement. ‘Okay, what about the alt-left that came charging at us — excuse me — what about the alt-left that came charging at the, as you say, the Alt-Right?’ Politico quoted Trump as saying during his press conference. But listening to the actual audio of the exchange, Trump clearly did not say ‘charging at us.’ Most other outlets, including CNN, reported that Trump said ‘charging at them.’

“Reporters on social media pointed out that Politico’s transcript did not appear to match what was actually said.” So Politico has corrected it. Don’t for a minute think this was a mistake. This was as intentional as NBC’s editing that 911 call from George Zimmerman about Trayvon Martin to make Zimmerman sound like a racist. They did the same thing to Trump, to try to associate him with the so-called, Alt-Right. (impression) “We heard it wrong! We heard it wrong! We heard it wrong. P-p-please forgive. We — we me a correction.”

These people don’t make these mistakes. “Gettysburg Standing Firm. Battlefield Says All Monuments Staying Put.” I want to go back to audio sound bite number four. This is the montage… I’m gonna give you the names. Lawrence Wilkerson, who used to work with Colin Powell, chief of staff at the State Department. Larry Kudlow is the second voice you will hear. Sophia Nelson, who is former House Republican Committee Counsel. Steve Schmidt, former RNC chair. He ran McCain’s campaign.

Michael Steele, former chairman of Republican National Committee, and Margaret Hoover — who is, I guess, just a former Republican. At any rate, before we played this the first time, we had these three Trump voters, all women — two black, one white — all proclaiming the fact that they’re independent thinkers. They’re looking to Trump for spiritual, moral guidance. They’re looking to Trump to fix the country. They’re looking at Trump to fix this stupid identity politics.

(summarized) “Identity politics is dividing us. We gotta stop this. Trump is not a racist. We don’t think he’s a bigot. We don’t buy any of this.” Listen to these Republicans, though. These are inside-the-Beltway Republicans, listen to the way they talk about themselves or actually other Republicans in the party. (replaying of sound bite) That is just absolute BS. These are the people that ran the campaigns that they’re talking about! Wilkerson and Steve Schmidt ran McCain’s campaign. But listen to the way they talk about their own party.

It sounds exactly the way the media talks about Republicans, and these are inside-the-Beltway Republicans, and who do they curry favor with? I mean, this is outrageous to say it’s specific to Republicans, racism, because “Republicans have a history in modern American history of being too often being too close” to bigotry. These are self-described Republicans, and they’re out ripping other Republicans and conservatives as impure. (scoffs) The disconnect is large, it is huge, and it’s all a part of being inside the Beltway and not having the slightest idea what people out there in America really think.

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