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RUSH: Here is Dave in Salt Lake City. Welcome. Great to have you on the EIB Network. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s been 28 years I’ve listened to you and I finally got through, buddy.

RUSH: Boy listen, he’s got a great idea here. Tell us what you’re thinking.

CALLER: Okay. Here’s the thing. The Trumpster, come out right now, pretty sure and say, “Okay, I want an infrastructure bill to build Texas back up, and then we’ll spread it around the nation,” and I want to see a Democrat turn that down.

RUSH: It is very clever on your part. This is very shrewd, because there’s gonna have to be rebuilding here and the rebuilding is going to take resources from a number of different places. The federal government’s not gonna do it all. It’s gonna be some state money. It’s gonna be some private money. It’s gonna be exactly how Trump has pitched his nationwide infrastructure plan. It’s not gonna all be federal money. We don’t have the federal money, for one thing.

So why not use the rebuilding of Houston and southeastern Texas as the starting point for Trump’s infrastructure initiative. Announce it and then dare the Democrats to turn it down. Just one thing, Dave. The Democrats (chuckling) I don’t think pose the problem anymore. I think it’s dare the Republicans to get on board. It’s sad but President Trump’s problems are with the Republican Party. It’s getting so bad… This is another area. I’ll just tell you in advance what I’m thinking of going into.

This divide between Trump and the Republicans in Washington? Folks, it’s incredible. The Republican Party has been given everything it needs to implement everything they’ve promised for the last 25 years, and they’re not doing a single thing with it. This isn’t gonna last. Trump’s either gonna run for reelection as something other than a Republican or the Republican Party itself is going to dissolve.

Because this circumstance, this situation here where voters have elected people who’ve promised to do X, Y, and Z and they’ve got the opportunity to do X, Y, and Z, and they’re not doing A, B, and C or anything? This can’t hold. There has to be something that falls apart because of this. So that has to be developed, too, which I’ll happily do when time permits, which is not now.

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